The top 10 Ethereum (ETH) addresses
The top 10 Ethereum (ETH) addresses

The top 10 Ethereum (ETH) addresses

By Alfredo de Candia - 2 Nov 2019

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After having examined the top 10 Bitcoin (BTC) addresses, the focus is now on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, as also in this case, it is possible to obtain the information about the accounts with the largest amounts.

The peculiarity of Ethereum addresses consists in being able to understand which addresses are connected to smart contracts, and so those addresses that receive the tokens from a specific project, for instance in the case of those who are involved in mining.

In first place among the top 10 addresses, there is an address with a smart contract that belongs to Wrapped Ether, a system that allows exchanging the crypto with other tokens in a simple way. This address has over 2 million ETH, for a current value of about $380 million.

In second place, with just under 2 million ETH, there is one of the accounts used by Binance, which as is well known is one of the leading exchanges in the crypto market. Obviously this is just one of the many accounts used by Binance, as it is always a good idea to have the funds divided into multiple accounts rather than having everything deposited on one address, which involves the risk of losing all the funds in one fell swoop, which in this case are about $370 million.

In third place on the list of the top 10 addresses, there is another exchange, Bitfinex, which has just under 2 million ETH. Again, this address is just one of many used by the exchange.

There are also other exchanges: Kraken, for example, has 2 accounts in the top 10, which in total exceed 2 million ETH; Huobi has about 850,000 ETH in one of its accounts, while Gemini has just over 800,000 ETH.

In short, 6 of the top 10 addresses with the highest value belong to exchanges.

As for the rest, the 5th place in the ranking is occupied by another smart contract created by an Ethereum developer. The smart contract is designed to allow multiple signatures.

Last in the ranking, there is a new account, which only recently moved just under 700 thousand ETH from Bittrex to its address, which means that it may belong to the very same exchange.

As the icing on the cake, at position 9 there is the account of a scam, Plus Token, an address with over 1 million transactions, which were used to lure victims to give up and send their ETH in exchange for an imaginary token, which however proved to be a scam.


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