Free CPU provided by Everipedia
Free CPU provided by Everipedia

Free CPU provided by Everipedia

By Alfredo de Candia - 8 Nov 2019

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Everipedia, a decentralised encyclopedia on the EOS blockchain, has just announced that it will provide the CPU for all transactions involving the dApps that are connected and use the Everipedia IQ token.

As it is well known to many users of the EOS blockchain, these days there is significant congestion on the network, especially for those who have few resources, making it inefficient to use simple dApps.

However, thanks to the REX (Resource Exchange) it is possible to borrow CPU and NET at advantageous costs compared to having to buy and invest in the cryptocurrency: currently, with 1 EOS it is possible to borrow about 140 EOS, thus allowing to mitigate the problem with this solution.

Another more practical solution is the Eosio update: the various dApps can provide and make available resources, in this case, CPU, and help prevent the user from having difficulties in interacting with the dApps, especially because, if the user can not use them, then there is no purpose for the services.

However, unlike other blockchains, where when the network is clogged it is simply necessary to wait, without being able to intervene in any way, an example is what happened with the famous kittens on Ethereum that still clog the network today, EOS can and already does provide solutions to solve the problem.

As Everipedia explained in its announcement, it is natural that dApps provide all the resources to operate at their best and not just exploit the network or, in some cases, clog it to make a profit at the expense of the network.

“We believe that dapps ‘paying’ for resources is a natural evolution of the EOS chain and represents a major advantage over competing networks like Ethereum, where Cryptokitties was able to render the entire useless ecosystem. With EOS, dapps are now able to pay for all of the resource costs of their users by staking (without spending) EOS tokens for access to network resources. Everipedia is proud to be one of the dapps leading the charge in helping the blockchain ecosystem embrace a better user experience”, says the press release.


Alfredo de Candia

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