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Top 10 NEM (XEM) addresses

In our series dedicated to the top 10 addresses of crypto based on the various blockchains, today we will talk about Nem (XEM), a blockchain developed in Java which uses the consensus algorithm PoI (Proof of Importance).

The total supply of the NEM blockchain is 1 token less than 9 billion and so this ranking will see addresses with 9 digits.

As can be seen from this top 10, most of the addresses are composed of funds dedicated to developers, which then serve to drive forward the development of the NEM blockchain and projects related to it.

At position number 1 with 900 million tokens, or about $270 million, there is the first fund stake.

In second position there is the NEM Sustainable Ecosystem Loop Fund (NEMSELF) that holds 869 million XEM, while in the third position, with 837 million XEM, there is the address used to configure the NEM wallet of Rail.

In sixth place, there is another fund, the Silver Coins for Distributions to Stakeholders, with 211 million XEM, while in eighth place there is the 201 million XEM fund dedicated to marketing activities related to this blockchain. 

Whereas, at position 9, there is the community fund with 186 million XEM.

In fifth and seventh position there are unknown addresses that have respectively 457 million XEM and 211 million XEM, which probably, given the large number of tokens kept, are of some exchanges.

Finally, in the last position, there is the Bittrex exchange, which has more than 170 million XEM, or about 52 million dollars.

Beyond the top 10 ranking, so from position 11 onwards, there are the hot wallets of the Poloniex exchange with 157 million XEM and, at position 13, the Zaif exchange.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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