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Craig Wright: “I gave nothing to Kleiman’s lawyers.”

Craig Wright never gave the keys to the Tulip Trust to Ira Kleiman’s lawyers. 

He stated it himself: 

“The other side have everything they asked for, and that is the problem – they still have nothing because there is nothing”.

So, the documents delivered on January 14th do not contain the access keys to the Tulip Trust. This has been confirmed by the court, according to which no new information has emerged from this new documentation regarding the 1.1 million bitcoins of the Tulip Trust.

Therefore, although Wright has complied with judge Reinhart’s order to produce additional documentation by January 14th, the submission of this documentation does not appear to have changed Wright’s position in this case, as it would only be a list of 16,404 public addresses where the 1.1 million bitcoins are stored. 

As a result, it appears that Wright did not provide any other information in this regard. 

The only accomplishment appears to be stalling for more time, but it’s unclear for what purpose. 

In fact, on January 1st, 2020, Craig Wright should have been in possession of enough keys to be able to access the Tulip Trust and the real fortune contained in it, about $9 billion

This did not happen and given that half of that fortune should be handed over to Ira Kleiman, brother of the late Dave Kleiman, it seems that Craig Wright is trying to postpone the end of this matter as much as possible

In addition, judge Reinhart himself ordered Wright to pay the court costs, since he actually ruled in favour of plaintiff Ira Kleiman and it is a considerable amount of money, more than half a million dollars

It is not surprising that Wright is trying as hard as he can to postpone the final outcome of this case in order to defer the payment, while the assumption that he does not actually have access to the Tulip Trust and can neither take possession of the million bitcoin in it nor send half of it to Dave Kleiman’s brother is growing. 

Meanwhile, BSV, the cryptocurrency co-founded by Wright, has grown in value considerably.

It should not be forgotten that Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto himself, the true inventor of Bitcoin. 

However, in all these years he has never been able to prove conclusively that he is the owner of those first public addresses used by the real Satoshi to mine the first blocks of Bitcoin’s blockchain. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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