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New evidence confirms that Craig Wright is Faketoshi

New evidence emerges: it seems that Craig Wright is Faketoshi and therefore not the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

For some years now, the Australian entrepreneur has been trying to prove he is the creator of Bitcoin, but with poor results except for an avalanche of tweets and articles against him. And today new evidence has emerged to prove that Wright is Faketoshi.


A tweet by Arthur Van Pelt, creator of the website “Fraud Timeline“, reports that on January 10th, 2009 Craig Wright would have written on a blog saying he would start working on the Bitcoin network the following day. If this were true, Wright couldn’t be Satoshi, since work on Bitcoin definitely started before 2008, the year the whitepaper was published, while Bitcoin’s birthday is January 3rd, 2009.

Yet Wright continues to declare himself Satoshi Nakamoto and to label BVS as the real Bitcoin, as opposed to BTC.

Furthermore, for those who didn’t know it, a class action against Wright started in 2019, since he decided to take to court the English podcaster Peter McCormack, accused of defamation for having publicly contested the statements of the now so-called Faketoshi.

In the meantime Wright has also been facing another lawsuit, the one with Ira Kleiman, brother of Dave Kleiman, who died in 2013, and this lawsuit is costing stratospheric figures: from the last update at the end of November 2019, it seems that the costs amount to over half a million dollars (658,581 dollars, to be precise).

If this last lawsuit does not prove him right, Wright will have to return over half a million BTC to Kleiman.

A few days ago, among other things, the news was spread that Craig Wright had provided the access keys to the famous Tulip Trust, except it was later discovered that he had not given anything to the lawyers. 

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