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Bitcoin SV: reporting live from the Coingeek event in London

As announced some time ago, today in London the Coingeek flagship event of Bitcoin SV is taking place.

The stage was obviously occupied by Craig Wright and other representatives of this blockchain, like for example Jimmy Nguyen, as well as many CEOs of companies whose projects are based on BSV: HandCash, nChain, Operate and many others. There was also Thomas Lee, a trader at Fundstrat Global who also recently published an updated report on Bitcoin SV.

Lee himself said: “It is still early days for cryptocurrency technology and there is little certainty around what winning implementations will be. The BSV community is taking steps to position BSV as a scalable and robust platform with a focus on growing network adoption”.

During the event, in addition to having an overview of the project developments and its objectives, like for example the fact of having very low transaction costs and replacing Bitcoin (BTC), there was also talk about a new initiative called Wiki Bitcoin SV.

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Wiki Bitcoin SV, released online today, is nothing more than an encyclopedia related to Bitcoin Satoshi Vision that explains how it works and its vision, “correcting” the original Bitcoin Wiki. As can be seen in a slide of the presentation, the goal of this project is to pursue the ideal of the real Bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto

bitcoin sv coingeek

According to Wright, in fact, the real Bitcoin wouldn’t be BTC but BSV, because he himself – argues – would be Satoshi Nakamoto, despite the fact that currently there’s no evidence on the matter and there are also several lawsuits against him.

During today’s conference, there was also talk about MoneyButton, a company that promises to help merchants accept payments in BSV, and Tokenized, a startup that wants to tokenize assets using the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision blockchain.

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