New Bitcoin Cash client to avoid the fork
New Bitcoin Cash client to avoid the fork

New Bitcoin Cash client to avoid the fork

By Lorenzo Dalvit - 21 Feb 2020

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A declaration of intent by a group of well-known developers involved in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem who want to launch a new client appears on Read.Cash.

As a response to the pressures of Amaury Sachet and his Bitcoin ABC client, the new team is committed to implementing an alternative node to ensure that there is no split in the chain: BCH node.

Written by freetrader, Amaury’s collaborator throughout the native Bitcoin Cash developments, the document states:

“Due to strong demand from prominent Bitcoin businesses, miners, mining pools, and developers, we are releasing a minimally-altered client based on Bitcoin ABC. The only difference between the new client and ABC v0.21.0 is the removal of the coinbase reward diversion code and its associated signaling and activation”.

In a world where developers are accustomed to challenging game theories and strategic interaction during conflicts, it’s not surprising that before achieving a goal the players act as if they were playing a game of chess.

After bringing up the necessity to find funding for the development of Bitcoin Cash, the loop now tightens and the IFP proposal brought forward by miner Jiang Zhuoer becomes a serious case of the community being torn apart.

Not everyone wants to see part of the inflation and transaction fee costs move towards an unclear development roadmap or to a foundation whose establishment and power are not yet determined.

In his Read.Cash post, freetrader also states:

“The primary goal of this initiative is to provide a safe and professional node implementation that will neutrally follow the longest chain without contributing to the risk of a chain split”.

In a cold war atmosphere, the players involved are forming alliances, showing their muscles, posting statements, videos and expressing their point of view.

After the pressure from Amaury Sachet, who decided to update his Bitcoin ABC client to make it favourable to the development funding proposal, many of those who use this node need an alternative.

Part of the ecosystem would have preferred to remain neutral or opposed and so a new team is formed to help this part of the community that will appreciate the creation of a new Bitcoin Cash node: BCH node.

The group of developers of the new node is committed to keeping it active for a year so that this situation can be resolved in a positive way. It has not been disclosed if the project has been funded by someone, or will only be the result of a free commitment to the BCH cause. It is rumoured that Roger Ver supported the initiative.

Here is who will contribute to the new BCH node client:

  • Andrea Suisani (sickpig) of Bitcoin Unlimited;
  • Calin Culianu (NilacTheGrim) of Electron Cash, Fulcrum;
  • Dagur V. Johannsson;
  • emergent_reasons;
  • Fernando Pelliccioni of Knuth Node;
  • freetrader formerly of Bitcoin ABC;
  • imaginary_username;
  • Jt Freeman of

Developers supporting the effort:

  • Jonathan Silverblood;
  • Josh Green of Bitcoin Green;
  • Mark Lundeberg;
  • Tom Zander of Flowee the Hub.


Lorenzo Dalvit

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