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BitTorrent Ranking: Russia still in the lead

BitTorrent revealed the February ranking for the number of average daily installations

This is a ranking of major countries by number of average installations per day of the BitTorrent software. 

Although it seems to be the first time BitTorrent publishes this ranking on Twitter, the tweet reads: 

“Russia is still holding the first rank by the number of average daily installs in February 2020. Brazil goes second. India takes bronze”.

This comment shows that Russia is not only ranked first in terms of average number of daily installations in February 2020 but that it probably has been ranked first in recent months as well

Among other things, the country outperforms all the others, with more than 37,000 average daily installations, or more than a million during the month. 

This last figure is particularly high, especially when compared to the Russian population, which is just under 150 million inhabitants. One million installations in a single month in a country with 150 million inhabitants seems to be a very large number. 

In second place there is Brazil, with over 22,000 average daily installations, for a total of just over 600,000 during the month. 

In third place is India, with about 16,000 average daily installations, equal to just under 500,000 in the month. 

Next come Ukraine, South Korea, the United States and the Philippines, with China only in tenth place, overtaken even by Turkey and Spain

The tweet also tagged Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation, considering that BitTorrent is owned by the TRON Foundation, and makes use of the homonymous token (BTT) issued on the TRON blockchain. 

The spread of BitTorrent software should lead to an increase in the mass adoption of their token, although for now, its value has dropped in the last 12 months. 

Last year during this period BTT was worth about 0.82 thousandths of a dollar, while now it has dropped to 0.36. The minimum point, however, was reached in mid-December, when it fell almost to 0.25 thousandths of a dollar, and then rose again to 0.63 thousandths in mid-February, to fall back to the current 0.36 thousandths of a dollar.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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