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Today is Jamie Dimon’s birthday

A total of 64 candles today for the birthday of Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, one of America’s largest banks. Dimon has repeatedly expressed his scepticism and opposition to crypto and in particular to bitcoin.

Dimon was born into a family of Greek immigrants. His grandfather was a stockbroker for Shearson and his interest in the economy earned Dimon a small place in this company during the summer holidays.

The economic fabric never failed and in the following years Dimon worked for Goldman Sachs and turned down offers from Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers to follow a friend into American Express, where he remained until 1985.

Already at the age of 30, he became Chief Financial Officer, succeeding in bringing the company, thanks to several acquisitions, to be a financial services conglomerate under the name of Citigroup.

The experience in the financial sector accumulated in the past allowed him to become the CEO of Bank One in 2000, which 4 years later was absorbed by JP Morgan Chase, and for this reason, Dimon assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer of the two companies.

This was the springboard for Jamie, who became CEO of JP Morgan Chase in 2005 and, on the same day of the following year, December 31st, 2006, he became President of one of the most important banks in America.

Jamie Dimon and Bitcoin

It was 2017 when Dimon said he would fire all of his traders found to own BTC, yet later he announced JPM Coin and stated that he had bought BTC through an Exchange Traded Note (ETN), a financial instrument along the lines of ETFs.

JPM Coin is not a real cryptocurrency, but it certainly takes advantage of its marketing. Since cryptocurrencies were born, in fact, a war is waged on who will succeed in creating the first digital state currency, with many companies and banks launching their own projects, including JP Morgan.

In the meantime, JP Morgan seems to appreciate the technology, as evidenced by the use of the Quorum blockchain.


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