The Top 5 altcoins for social engagement
The Top 5 altcoins for social engagement

The Top 5 altcoins for social engagement

By Alfredo de Candia - 22 Apr 2020

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The Lunar Crush platform, which is part of the set of companies controlled by Tim Draper’s DRAPER GOREN HOLM, provides an analysis of the top 5 altcoins according to new parameters called Galaxy Score and AltRank.

This means that besides using tools like CoinMarketCap and finding out the price, volumes and market cap of a crypto and blockchain, it is also possible to analyze the health of a cryptocurrency according to its social engagement, which indicates how many people are talking about a crypto on various social networks.

Clearly, since crypto prices change abruptly and there are countless posts on social networks, these statistics change very often.

top 5 altcoins

In the case of the so-called altcoins, this is the top 5 that results at the time of writing this article, using Lunar’s Galaxy Score:

These results are certainly surprising, as there are some unexpected altcoins such as OKEx (OKB), which ranks first on a par with OmiseGo.

In second place there’s Chainlink (LINK), renowned for its oracles. In third place, there’s another exchange token: KuCoin Shares (KCS), while off the podium in fourth place there’s Ethereum (ETH).

In this ranking, bitcoin is in 42nd place.

Top 5 altcoins using AltRank

If instead, we take as reference the AltRank parameter, which takes into account both the price performance of a crypto compared to bitcoin and the activity on socials, there is a different Top 5:

top 5 altcoins

In this case, the first place is reconfirmed by OKB, which recovers 6% compared to bitcoin, while in second place there is Stellar (XLM).

In third place, there is Tezos (XTZ) which on CoinMarketCap is 10th, while in position 4 there is Zilliqa (ZIL) and finally in position 5 there is Zcash (ZEC). In this ranking, bitcoin reaches position 36.

So, as can be seen, the situation of these altcoins is quite different from their position on CoinMarketCap, an indication that perhaps market capitalization is not the only important element when evaluating a cryptocurrency.


Alfredo de Candia

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