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Everipedia in partnership with TokenPocket

Everipedia and PredIQt announce a partnership with TokenPocket aimed at bringing the use of the blockchain to the masses, allowing their respective ecosystems and the multiple possibilities they offer to interact. 

This collaboration will be divided into three areas:

  • Providing free CPU to users;
  • Loans with IQ token on FlashLoans;
  • Mutual support.

Specifically, as far as CPU is concerned, Everipedia and PredIQt have been staking EOS for some time now so that users can use the dApps connected to IQ. TokenPocket will provide an additional CPU to the two networks.

In addition, with the goal of expanding its presence in DeFi, IQ token holders can deposit and withdraw loans in a single transaction using TokenPocket’s FlashLoans service. 

Finally, TokenPocket users will be able to use those credentials to login to Everipedia and PredIQt while Everipedia and PredIQT will now be available on the TokenPocket dApp portal.

The teams involved are excited about the project.

“Everipedia+PredIQt and TokenPocket will actively search for ways to support each other for mutual benefit in the future. We are excited to see this partnership unfold and keep building together in the future”.

Everipedia, the blockchain encyclopedia of EOS

Everipedia is the encyclopedia born in 2015 and has been an EOS dApp since 2018. 

Thanks to PredIQt, it makes IQ tokens available to its users, which are used by many dApps.

TokenPocket was born in 2017 as an EOS wallet, while now it supports also Bitcoin, Ethereum IOST, TRON, Binance, BOS and Cosmos. It also supports over 2,200 dApps and allows interacting with different blockchain to access mining, staking, DeFi and DGames operations. With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, it is one of the most popular wallets in Asia. 

It’s worth wagering that the partnership announced with Everipedia and PredIQt will further enhance the platforms’ reputation.

Eleonora Spagnolo
Eleonora Spagnolo
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