OKCoin activates a website on Unstoppable Domains
OKCoin activates a website on Unstoppable Domains

OKCoin activates a website on Unstoppable Domains

By Alfredo de Candia - 12 May 2020

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On the occasion of the bitcoin halving that took place yesterday, the American exchange OKCoin launched its website on Unstoppable Domains to commemorate this event.

The reference website, bitcoinhalving.crypto, is an address based on this type of protocol and allows having a completely censorship resistance address. 

This makes OKCoin the first exchange to open a domain of this type and attracts everyone’s attention since it has taken advantage of an event like the Bitcoin halving, followed by millions of people and during which many had problems with updating the countdown pages that counted the remaining blocks to the halving. 

One of the goals of the OKCoin exchange is to spread crypto and blockchain technology and this is precisely why the team decided to use a service like Unstoppable Domains, which among other things supports over 50 different crypto assets.

The available extensions are .zil and .crypto. The minimum cost of a domain is $10.

How does Unstoppable Domains work 

This is one of the many interesting aspects of using the blockchain for something different than usual. The decentralization of systems such as domain hosting can be an important point for freedom of expression especially in countries where the government can obscure websites and stop entire sections of the Internet. 

The Unstoppable Domains platform is easy and affordable for everyone, simply enter the domain name to buy (payment can also be made in crypto) and download an extension for your browser.

Unstoppable Domains has no annual fee to pay and the domain can be resold at any time by transferring it with a simple transaction.


Alfredo de Candia

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