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“Upload” TV series on Amazon Prime Video includes Libra payments

Upload is a new American TV series released a few weeks ago – precisely on May 1st – on the video-on-demand portal Amazon Prime Video. At one point, the TV series mentions Libra and Bitcoin as payment methods of the future.

In a scene of the first season, in fact, a character asks for 600 Facebook Libras for the payment of an asset, whereas there is also the writing Bitcoin Cryptocurrency that appears in the background.

Upload tv series

In short, a further indication that cryptocurrencies are increasingly at the centre of attention in the Hollywood world, seeing that recently the movie “Crypto” with the famous actor Kurt Russell was also released.

The plot of Upload

Upload, published by Amazon Prime Video, tells about a future time in which human beings can upload their consciousness in a digital afterlife.

The story begins when the protagonist, Nathan, dies in a car accident perhaps caused by a self-driving car. He thus finds himself in paradise, where his consciousness was transferred after the death of his body.

This is the trailer for Upload:

The second season of the TV series is in the pipeline, demonstrating it is enjoying a great success.

The other TV series that mention bitcoin

This is not the only TV series that features cryptocurrencies as an established payment method in the future: for example on Netflix some time ago the series Altered Carbon, in an episode of the second season, showed prices of goods in BTC, LTC and ETH.

Even the older sitcom Silicon Valley quotes cryptocurrencies several times, including the invention of the PiedPiperCoin.

Another one on Netflix is the TV series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” which, this time in a derogatory sense, cites bitcoin as the ideal payment method to sell drugs online on the Dark Web.

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