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BSV, Calvin Ayre invests in True Reviews

Calvin Ayre has invested in a platform related to BSV, True Reviews. The platform itself confirmed this in a statement.   

True Reviews aims to create an original and safe environment for those looking for reliable reviews. 

The whole system is based on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and allows using microtransactions both to post a review and to carry out various operations such as likes, comments and whatnot. This discourages fake activity and false reviews since, as stated, it is a fee-based system. 

Although the publication of the post costs $0.02, it is also true that it is possible to earn through incentives that come from those who comment or put likes. It is a small economy from that point of view. 

The micro-payments aspect as well as the post reward, in this case in the form of reviews, represents the future that centralized platforms lack, as Connor Murray, CEO and founder of True Reviews, reiterated: 

“This product is another part of a new type of Internet where online advertisements, bots and fake content can be banished to the dustbin of history. Customers need to be able to trust the review they are reading and True Reviews will provide just that. This is only possible on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, which is finally realizing Bitcoin’s ability to combine data and monetary value. To have Calvin Ayre’s backing to get us up and running is, obviously, hugely exciting for this venture.” 

Calvin Ayre, a strong supporter of Bitcoin SV, is enthusiastic and emphasizes that Bitcoin SV is by far the best blockchain for this type of initiative and investing in the project was a no-brainer, Ayre said: 

“There are so many amazing things being built on the BSV chain, it’s mind-blowing and I’m constantly looking for investment opportunities in this space. True Reviews leapt off the page immediately as a terrific demonstration of BSV’s superpowers of micropayments and data.  I’ve also been impressed with Connor so this was an easy decision.” 

The relationship between True Reviews and BSV is not new in the blockchain landscape. A similar example, but concerning a social network, is Voice on the EOS blockchain.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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