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Blockchain phone: here’s the Galaxy A Quantum

The Galaxy A Quantum is the latest blockchain phone to hit the market. It arrived these days in South Korea, which is no coincidence since it is produced by the communication giant SK Telecom together with the giant Samsung Electronics, both South Koreans. It will also be the first 5G blockchain-based smartphone with a quantum random number generator

Galaxy A Quantum

This is actually a variant of the Samsung A71, presented just under a month ago. Thanks to its QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) chipset, it provides greater security. The operation of this chip makes it possible to generate random numbers based on quantum crypto technology. It is this innovation that makes it more secure, as reported by SK Telecom. 

Technical features

The new smartphone from Samsung comes with a Super AMOLED 6.7 inch display. It has a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. The camera is also excellent, the front one is 32 MP with f2/2 aperture, while on the back there are 4 cameras for a resolution up to 64 MP.

However, it is the price that is the real strength: in fact, in South Korea, it will be sold for about 500 euros, very affordable compared to the top of the range by Samsung itself to which, in fact, it has nothing to envy. 

How are blockchain phones useful?

There are a number of reasons why to buy blockchain-based smartphones. The first is expressly dedicated to lovers and owners of cryptocurrencies, as these devices have very secure private key storage systems. In addition, they are compatible with various services aimed at crypto holders, starting with wallets. They also sometimes allow mining

Speaking of mining, one of the first smartphones to allow cryptocurrency mining was the HTC Exodus 1. However, it has recently been shown that it is not the best investment for people who are thinking of getting rich with cryptocurrencies. In fact, it takes a hundred years to mine the quantity of crypto required to pay for the HTC smartphone, which costs around 400 euros. 

Those who want to save money can use the Electroneum M1 blockchain phone: with only 80 euros it is possible to enter the world of cryptocurrency mining, earning 3 dollars a month through mining.  

It is certainly not a significant return, which is a sign that the technology can still make progress from this point of view. 


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