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Tron 4.0 has been finally released

During the live event Great Voyage: Tron 4.0 Global Release Online Conference, as the title itself indicates, Justin Sun revealed progress on the release of this new version that will lead the Tron (TRX) blockchain to a higher level.

The intro of the event is worthy of that of a movie, starting with a guest presentation followed by Justin Sun’s speech that begins with a PowerPoint presentation.

Previous versions, such as Odyssey, were discussed during the event.

Whereas Tron 4.0, is referred to as a “web financial infrastructure for the next generation from dApps to DeFi” and “from developers to financial institutions”.

Sun then introduced the concept of “from one to many”, referring to the technology of BitTorrent, Poloniex and Steem, which are platforms used by many users which could lead the blockchain to mass adoption.

Then there was also the concept of “from one to multiple chains”, in reference to the possibility of cross-chain transactions.

The main features of Tron 4.0

The release of the new version of the blockchain involves the following:

  • Tronz, which uses the zk-SNARKS system to provide privacy to transactions on the blockchain.
  • TPoS: a feature to streamline transactions 20 times faster than before. It is a combination of the pBFT and the DPoS consensus protocol;
  • TICP, Tron Inter Chain Protocol, a clear reference to interoperability between other blockchains, and how Tron is now one of the first blockchains to activate this feature;
  • Enterprise Blockchain Solutions, a solution designed for the business model, as the platform will allow anyone to create their own free blockchain platform.

After the presentation of these main points, there was then some talk about Tron’s blockchain history to the present day and how there has been a lot of dialogue between the team and the developers to achieve these results.

Part of the credit is given to the Super Representatives, who are democratically elected by the users and have over 26 billion tokens locked.

There are currently over 700 dApps on Tron, and one of them, Wink, is the most used. It is a gaming platform that has just partnered with Poloniex.

Another aspect that was highlighted during the event was the support of Samsung in its Galaxy Store, which allows users to use Tron and its dApps.

Sun also mentions the millionaire numbers that Tron boasts in terms of followers on various social networks and the fact that recently they have entered into a partnership with Twitter to introduce the emoji of Tron when using the hashtag.

Tron and the DeFi world

Subsequently, the event focused on decentralized finance (DeFi), defining its meaning as a fundamental point of finance with a decentralized approach, and the lunch with Warren Buffett is mentioned, as a dialogue between traditional finance and the blockchain world.

Reference is also made to some financial institutions that will enter the market. The promise is that more announcements will follow and dedicated funding tokens will be launched on Poloniex.

Sun also mentions that Tron will announce partnerships with various exchanges to allow everyone to trade TRX with different cryptocurrencies and thus facilitate adoption.

This was the goal that also led to the introduction of the Tether (USDT) stablecoin on Tron, which reached just under 3 billion. The team expects to reach 5 billion by the end of the year.

As far as stablecoins are concerned, there is also a reference to Just and how 1% has been locked.

BitTorrent was also at the heart of this event. It is a platform with over 23 million users per day and 100 million per month, and a good product that includes features like BitTorrent File System, DLive, BitTorrent Speed and Tron TV.

Recently the BTFS Mining Mode has also been introduced, which allows users to earn BTT by supporting this protocol that can also be used by dApps.

A new domain has also been created, t.network, which is only used by 26 websites around the world. 


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