Travala adds BAT and promotes itself through Brave
Travala adds BAT and promotes itself through Brave

Travala adds BAT and promotes itself through Brave

By Alfredo de Candia - 14 Jul 2020

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Travala reported that they have added the BAT token of the Brave browser as a payment method for flight and hotel reservations.

Travala provides great prices thanks to its AVA token staking program and allows paying with dozens of different crypto assets.

Brave, on the other hand, is a browser that is breaking records on records and that, besides being a valid alternative to traditional browsers, allows users to earn BAT tokens by viewing targeted advertising. Essentially, the user is rewarded by seeing ads.

Thanks to this collaboration, not only can BAT be used as a payment method on the platform, but Travala will use the advertising program made available by Brave to place targeted ads on the browser, which now has millions of users.

Travala has become a leader in the tourism industry based on blockchain, as commented by the CEO of Brave, Brendan Eich:

“ is leading the way in the travel industry with blockchain solutions, and we’re thrilled to see join brands such as Amazon and Intel on our Brave Ads platform to reach the right users”.

In fact, one of Travala’s goals is to speed up mass adoption by involving several tokens such as BAT, pointed out Travala’s CEO, Juan Otero:

“In our mission to change the future of online travel booking and bring mass cryptocurrency adoption, it’s essential that we promote via industry-leading players and that’s why we chose Brave’s global ads platform and decided to offer Brave users a great global use case to boost the utility of Basic Attention Token (BAT). I am confident that this presents a great opportunity for to reach more users within our target audience.” 

The optimism can also be seen in the relative price charts: since the crypto crash of March last year, the price has continued to rise until it touched $0.30, thus reaching position 31 on CoinMarketCap.


Alfredo de Candia

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