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Olympique Marseille also lands on Sorare

Sorare has announced a new partnership, this time with the French football team Olympique Marseille, to bring the team’s players to blockchain.

By now there are already 76 clubs that have entrusted Sorare with an official license to issue virtual stickers via NFT on Ethereum, including Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Benfica, Bayer Leverkusen, Lokomotiv Moscow, Standard Liege, West Ham and many others. 

In particular Olympique Marseille is the fifth French Ligue 1 team to have signed this partnership in addition to Lille, Nantes, Olympique Lyon and Saint-Étienne. 

Olympique Marseille is by far one of the biggest clubs in France and the only French club to have won the Champions League, and the new partnership with Sorare aims to develop its brand in the USA and Asia, where Sorare has a large user base.

Sorare is a blockchain based fantasy football game, which allows users to freely buy and sell rare digital collectibles representing football players. 

Now all Olympique Marseille players will also be tokenized, and their NFTs will be released within the Sorare platform from today as limited edition digital player cards. 

For each player and each season a unique player card, ten Super Rare cards and 100 Rare cards will be issued. These cards can then be used within Sorare’s digital fantasy football to participate in weekly competitions, or bought and sold freely on the secondary market, or on other platforms, thanks to the Ethereum blockchain. 

Each week, users are ranked according to the score obtained by their teams, thus winning prizes. 

The club’s presence on Sorare allows the team to develop its brand by targeting the global audience, and to create a new source of revenue that previously did not exist. 

Sorare’s CEO, Nicolas Julia, said:

“We have a very active French community of Sorare managers and we are delighted to allow them to play OM cards on our platform. Thank you to Olympique de Marseille for believing in our vision of a global football fantasy with digital collectibles on Ethereum’s blockchain. This is an important step in our ambition to have full coverage of Ligue 1 clubs.”

Team Head of Licensing, Rachel Clouet, commented:

“Sorare is a unique gaming platform that blends two strong trends in sports licensing: fantasy football and digital collectibles. With a young, growing, and international user base, it was obvious for a club like Olympique de Marseille to be present alongside the leader of blockchain games. On the Sorare platform, our fans will interact with their favorite players. And, because of its international reach, American and Asian users of the game will be able to get to know our players, our club and our brand better.”

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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