The new Vice President of Coinbase
The new Vice President of Coinbase

The new Vice President of Coinbase

By Alfredo de Candia - 4 Aug 2020

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The Coinbase exchange has announced that it has a new vice president of Institutional Products, Greg Tusar.

This appointment follows the previous May acquisition of the Tagomi platform, which specializes in institutional investment and which over time has shown high reliability despite being only 18 months old.

Greg Tusar, the new vice president of Coinbase

The name Greg Tusar wasn’t chosen at random. He has over 30 years of experience in companies like Goldman Sachs, not to mention the fact that he co-founded Tagomi and therefore knows the platform better than anyone.

The aim of Coinbase is to reach and expand in the direction of the so-called whales, i.e. those who have great investment capacity and therefore need reliable figures and platforms to manage their funds safely.

“We strongly believe that it’s only with the right combination of technology and people that we will usher in the next phase of crypto’s institutional adoption”, says the press release.

The expansion is mainly taking place in the favourable territories where they can operate. Most of these investors come from a traditional world and therefore need certainty and security to avoid problems and risks in an industry that is not always easy to comprehend.

Thanks to Tagomi, which is the leading crypto prime brokerage platform and which offers margin trading for institutional investors in over 45 US states, it is clear that their volumes have increased and they need established structures and people to lead this evolution.

Surely this is good news on top of others. Coinbase could soon be listed on the stock exchange to collect funds in that type of market as well. There is also plenty of news arriving in the last period, such as DAI rewards, which allow receiving interest holding the MakerDAO stablecoin.

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