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How to create a marketplace on the Zilliqa blockchain

A partnership was recently formed between Mintable and Zilliqa for creating a marketplace where to buy and sell NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) from this blockchain and where users can also sell their Unstoppable Domains with the .zil extension.

This new platform also allows creating a proprietary marketplace for selling digital items, as well as collectables, artwork, domains, gaming items, digital asset membership tokens and media files.

Before proceeding with the creation of a marketplace it will be necessary to prepare a few things:

  • An account on Mintable;
  • The ZilPay wallet (here the browser extension);
  • At least 50 Zilliqa (ZIL) to pay the transaction fees.

A marketplace is simply a smart contract active on the Zilliqa blockchain and thus all objects will be linked to our address allowing us to demonstrate ownership.

How to open a marketplace

The first step to do will be to unlock the ZilPay wallet and login on the Mintable platform.

If this is the first time you log in it’s better to go to your personal page and add all the information related to your account, such as the various social networks used.

After completing our profile, we will have to create our marketplace and to do so simply go to “Create a Store” in the top menu.

Here we will have to enter all the details of our store, such as the type of items we are going to sell – choosing from those indicated – enter the name of our store, a subheading, tags, a photo of our store (for example the window or the logo of our store) and finally a description of the same.

Zilliqa store

At this point all that remains is to click on the “Next” button, on “Proceed” and then confirm the transaction that will take place through the ZilPay wallet, showing us the total amount to pay in ZIL and alerting us in case we don’t have enough funds on our wallet.

Zilliqa store

With just $1, since Zilliqa is currently trading around $0.018, we created our marketplace on the Zilliqa blockchain, raising the shopping bar to a higher level since not only will our store be on a blockchain but it will also be decentralized, being able to access it from virtually anywhere in the world.

The tool can be used mainly in the creative field and the running costs are practically irrelevant.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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