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How to create an item on the store of the Zilliqa blockchain

We have previously seen how to create a virtual store on the Zilliqa blockchain at the modest price of 1 dollar, but today we will use our store to add and create items that can be of any nature (text, images, audio, video and so on).

We need a few things before we can create an item:

  • A store on this blockchain;
  • The ZilPay wallet;
  • At least 50 ZIL to pay the fees and to confirm the transactions.

The first thing to do is to unlock the ZilPay wallet, connect to the store and select the “Sell” option at the top.

On the next screen, it will be necessary to click on “Create a new item in my store”.

store zilliqa

The next screen is quite intuitive and it’s here that we’ll have to choose the type of item we’re going to create and list (if we just want to create it but not list it then we’ll have to select “Only mint my token”).

Then we will have to insert the name of our token (which will appear on the blockchain), the name of the item, the subtitle, the tags, the price in dollars (which will also be displayed in ZIL).

The file will only be downloadable by the owner of a specific NFT.

It is also important to include a preview photo and other useful information such as the description as well as any copyrights for commercial use or resale by the buyer.

At this point, all that remains is to click on “List this item” and confirm the transactions: one for the creation of our item and the other for the listing (if we want to sell it).

Finally, the confirmation screen of the creation of the item will appear with all the information related to it, information that is permanently recorded on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Note that we can also modify the listing and all the parameters of the item and even delete it later, by going to the relevant section from the profile.

The options are really countless, it is possible to sell songs, artworks, movies, books and any digital asset imaginable.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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