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Travala announces new payment options

Yesterday Travala announced two new payment options that it has added to its platform for booking over 2 million hotels worldwide. These are Paxos (PAX) and TrueUSD (TUSD).


As everyone knows, Travala is a platform dedicated to tourism that allows paying for flight and hotel reservations through various crypto assets – about thirty or so – but also through traditional payments, allowing everyone to use the platform.

In addition, thanks to the SMART program, Travala allows users to achieve discounts of up to 40% on bookings, by staking the platform’s native tokens called AVA.

In recent months Travala has formed several partnerships with Booking.com, but also with Expedia and Agoda, and this has allowed it to offer thousands of hotel alternatives.

In practice, traditional companies have preferred to join Travala rather than construct from scratch a system to integrate crypto as a payment method.

Stablecoins among the payment options of Travala 

The new assets that have been added are stablecoins, hence cryptocurrencies that are not subject to the sudden fluctuations to which we are accustomed.

Recently Travala had also added Binance’s stablecoin (BUSD) as a method to refund users quickly and effectively, to offer more protection and guarantees.

Travala also relied on Brave, so it accepts BAT payments.

The CEO of Travala himself, Juan Otero, has been very satisfied with the addition of the two new stablecoins and is looking forward to users making use of them on the platform so that they can book hotels safely and easily.

It should be noted that although the tourism market stopped for several months due to the Coronavirus, since then the situation has improved and Travala is off to a great start, judging by a previous report that compared the pre- and post-lockdown periods.

The positivity of this news can also be observed in the price of the asset that just last week recorded its ATH (All-Time High) at almost $2.50.

During the crypto crash it had hit a low of $0.09, so that’s an increase of 2677%.

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