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Best crypto performances after Covid-19

This year we witnessed an event in the crypto world that led to the collapse of the price of many assets, which was also due to the pandemic situation caused by the Coronavirus, the so-called crypto crash. A few months later the market is recovering. Here are the best crypto performances after the collapse caused by Covid-19.

With the crash, all cryptocurrencies have lost considerable value, but if we focus on the positive side, this has allowed several users to take advantage of low prices to buy.

According to CoinMetrics data, taking as reference the period from March 12th, 2020 to August 1st, 2020, these are the performances:

crypto post crash

The best crypto assets after Covid-19

Let’s start first of all from Bitcoin (BTC) which touched a value of 4,900 dollars on March 12th, but 5 months later has a price of 11,700 dollars, thus an increase of 138%.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) had instead marked a price of $152, but 5 months later it is at $320, so an increase of 110%.

Similar situation for Litecoin (LTC): on March 12th the price was $30 but in August it was $61, so an increase of 103%.

As far as Ethereum (ETH) is concerned, on March 12th its price was $110, then in early August, it reached $387, a growth of 251%.

Dogecoin (DOGE) also sounded its powerful “bark”, for it reached $0.0037 in August from a level of $0.0015, an increase of 146%.

Meanwhile, Monero (XMR) had dropped to $33 during the crypto crash, but five months later it reached $89, an increase of 169%.

Cardano (ADA) in March was around $0.024 but in August it reached $0.14, setting a record for this crypto: an increase of 483%.

As for Ripple (XRP), its value in March was $0.13, but in August it was $0.29, so the increase amounts to 123%.

EOS had touched a very low value of $1.89, but in early August it marked $3.30 with a double-digit increase of 74%.

Moving on to TRON, TRX had touched a value of $0.008 but recovered to $0.020 and recorded an increase of 150%.

Special mentions go to the Bancor (BNT) token, which rose 2372%, Chainlink (LINK), which scored +587% and Band Protocol (BAND) with +2100%.

As far as the traditional market is concerned, gold has increased by 60%, after the first darker period of the Covid-19 crisis.


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