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Ramp Network: 30 minutes to buy crypto with fiat

As announced by the team of Ramp Network, a service that allows purchasing crypto using fiat, a new update has been released that makes the system even easier, allowing to complete the process in 30 minutes.

The post opens with details about the start of 2020 talking about the Coronavirus that has also resulted in the largest issuance of dollars in history, which should be the wake-up call leading to the opening of doors to crypto. 

And it’s right here that there is the first challenge: to bridge people from a traditional world, dominated by fiat, to the crypto world, it is necessary to set up quick and easy tools to facilitate the passage and one of these is the system developed by Ramp Network.

Ramp has set itself the goal of usability and simplicity so that anyone can convert their fiat into crypto without too many problems, just like their motto “on-ramp to crypto” points out.

Ramp Network, how to buy crypto with Ramp 2.0

Following this idea, they developed Ramp 2.0, which improved the graphical interface, fee transparency, integration of different procedures, chargeback, AML and more.

In fact, in addition to accepting the main fiat currencies such as dollars, pounds and euros, the platform allows using any traditional payment such as Open Banking, bank account, debit card or even Apple Pay, to satisfy virtually all users.

Another important aspect that developers have improved is security. The SDK has been made open source so that anyone can review the code.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ramp Network has also had the code audited by Quantstamp and has the Financial Conduct Authority, thus demonstrating maximum security.

The cost of transactions has also improved dramatically. Below are all the new fees:

  • For Open Banking, for amounts under €2500 there is a 1.99% fee:
  • For bank transfers there is a 0.49% fee for amounts above €2500;
  • The minimum amount drops to €2;
  • For fast transactions there is a 2.9% fee on debit and Apple Pay cards.

The limit has also been raised and now it is possible to buy up to €50,000 per month with a lean KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure as it is possible to authenticate through open banking or even with a selfie.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to list tokens within the system by sending an email to [email protected].

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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