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How to upload any file to the Bitcoin SV blockchain

The Bitcoin SV blockchain has features that make it suitable for uploading files

One of the interesting aspects of the blockchain is that it can be used as a decentralized storage system to upload data and digital content. By doing so, the file will remain forever on the blockchain, accessible to anyone at any time, also becoming censorship resistance.

Obviously, it is possible to upload data to any blockchain, but to do so requires a considerable cost, unless that type of blockchain is precisely designed to handle different and large files.

The Bitcoin SV blockchain for uploading files

And this is where the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain comes into play, since at full capacity it can handle 2 Tb blocks and thus store anything, such as decentralized domains.

To make it easier to upload a file to this blockchain, the Bico.Media service was born, which allows uploading any type of format without any limits. The system is currently in beta phase.

Tutorial step by step to upload a file on Bitcoin SV blockchain

The interface is very simple and it is sufficient to connect to the web page of the service, click on the “Click to select files” button and choose the file to upload from the PC.

At this point, it will be necessary to use either an existing wallet or a new one in which it will be necessary to deposit the BSV. The fee amounts to 0.5 satoshi per byte, so for a 330 KB file, approximately 0.05 BSV will be required.

At this point just press the button “Add to the blockchain as nickels get ready” and wait until the file is first uploaded and then propagated on the blockchain.

This will be the transaction shown in the explorer:

So, as can be seen, very little has been spent in terms of both the satoshi paid and the transaction fee, 0.00000218 BSV. This shows that a blockchain storage system is not only feasible but also affordable.

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