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The $100,000 NFT exhibited in Rome

As announced by the Breezy Art company, the famous work of art Right Place & Right Time by the artist Matt Kane, famous for having been sold for 100 thousand dollars, which is actually an NFT (Non Fungible Token), will be displayed in Rome on October 20th in the San Salvatore in Lauro complex, during the exhibition entitled “RENAISSANCE 2.0 2.0”.

It will obviously be a physical version of the work.

It is a dynamic and constantly changing work of art because it is linked to the price of Bitcoin (BTC). The NFT has 24 layers that are synchronized with the price of the asset and this allows to have a different image practically every day.

The artist, Matt Kane, born in Chicago, who previously created oil paintings, was already popular in 2004. He is an artist who already established himself at the age of 20, with a passion as a web developer. This hobby led him to approach the world of technology and blockchain by creating NFTs.

“Right Place & Right Time”, the NFT artwork exhibited in Rome

“Right Place & Right Time” is an artwork with a strong technological impact that allows collectors to receive as much as 21% share of the NFT, since only 210 copies have been created, as the author himself has mentioned:

“As a nod to Bitcoin’s 21 million fixed supply, the collector receives 21% revenue share of the individual NFT and print sales and there will only be 210 NFTs minted. Our partnership, a first between artist and collector, is one we hope inspires future partnerships, which will continue to innovate upon and strengthen this new model we’ve birthed. I’ll be investigating what a decentralised artwork can evolve into, as proof-of-work necessitates increasing challenges over time. I’m excited for what this means for minting my NFTs. But just like Bitcoin, the passage of time will be required in order to observe the grander masterpiece that is at work”.

In the next 10 years, this work could become the most important piece of the crypto art movement, combining art, which has always had its own materiality with physical and tangible works, with the ephemeral side of digitization.

It is fascinating how anyone can visit and see the work change daily by visiting the dedicated website, seeing with their own eyes how the simple price of Bitcoin (BTC) can be translated into an evolved art form such as the digital and indestructible one of an NFT.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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