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Chainlink (LINK) arrives on Travala

The online travel company Travala has announced that it has added a new asset as a payment method on the platform, namely Chainlink (LINK).


It is difficult not to know the Travala project and its platform today, especially because it has shown over time, even during the crisis generated by the Coronavirus lockdown, that it can still boast positive numbers in terms of bookings.

All this has been made possible also thanks to the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments and the discounts that Travala has offered thanks to the AVA token, which can even be staked now.

For its part, Chainlink (LINK) has become the symbol of decentralized finance (DeFi) considering that decentralized oracles are very useful in this sector, especially on the Ethereum blockchain. LINK has also gained in value, as it has recently gone from a few cents to over $20 in a short time.

Chainlink as a payment method on Travala

The Chainlink token was clearly born as a tool to make use of decentralized oracles and therefore it was not born as a payment method like other tokens, for example Bitcoin Cash, but thanks to Travala’s forward-thinking, LINK can now also be used to pay for flights and hotels all over the world.

In fact, today the LINK token has been added as a crypto payment method, alongside the countless options offered by the platform itself, which include dozens of crypto assets but also fiat currencies.

The introduction of this token was strongly requested by the community, as recalled by the CEO of Travala, Juan Otero:

“With cryptocurrency adoption on the rise, we want to ensure our users at Travala.com have access to the most popular payment choices. LINK has always been a token requested by members of our community, so we have responded to this request”.

This is very positive news for the whole crypto community, even though the AVA token has recently dropped to around $0.65, while in early August, reached an ATH (All Time High) of $2.46.

In the meantime, LINK has gone from $19.85 to $8.19.


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