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Eosfinex launches on mainnet bringing liquidity to the EOS community

Eosfinex announced today that its beta version will launch on mainnet bringing Bitfinex liquidity to all EOS tokens, such as the stablecoin of Equilibrium EOSDT, Everipedia’s IQ and pTokens with its pBTC, pETH and PLTC.

Alex Melikhov, CEO of Equilibrium, said:

“We believe that this listing will increase the crypto community’s interest in DeFi projects based on the EOS blockchain. We look forward to and anticipate that by listing on eosfinex, EOSDT adoption will significantly increase as a result of access to professional market participants.”

Thanks to the great liquidity of Bitfinex, trading in a non-custodial way with EOS blockchain based tokens will be even easier. According to Coingecko data, eosfinex is the most liquid non-custodial exchange for EOS tokens.

Steven Quinn, Product Lead of eosfinex, explained:

“The introduction of direct access to Bitfinex liquidity will ensure a bright future for the EOS community granting EOS businesses, for the first time, the chance to economically trade large orders of EOS, premium EOS-based tokens, tether and other popular currencies. We look forward to providing continued support to the EOS community, and its projects.”

The launch of the Eosfinex mainnet

At launch, eosfinex will give the opportunity to place orders off-chain while the custody will remain on-chain to have more security and greater performance in terms of speed.

Thomas Bertani, CEO of Provable Things, the creator of pTokens, said:

“The listing of pTokens on eosfinex marks the first step in what will be a powerhouse partnership to bridge the centralized and decentralized financial worlds. We’re excited to watch how this integration will enhance the EOS ecosystem by bringing throughput and a cross-chain decentralized experience to DeFi enthusiasts.”

Theodor Forselius, CEO of Everipedia, added:

“eosfinex is prime to create a non-custodial trading experience that offers the benefits of Bitfinex’s liquidity and software. We look forward to growing the ecosystem together and believe that EOS has the tools, resources, and potential to bring blockchain to the masses through EOSIO technology.”

In addition to this mainnet news, in the coming months eosfinex promises to launch major new initiatives such as Rising Tide, a program to promote and support the best projects based on the EOS blockchain.

Also the stablecoin Tether Gold will be listed on eosfinex.


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