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The first NFTs dedicated to the world of eroticism arrive on Ethereum

Pornvisory launches today its NFT (Non Fungible Token) based on the Ethereum blockchain and dedicated to the world of eroticism. 

These real digital artworks are for sale in limited versions on the Opensea platform, a real reference point for this type of art products on blockchain.

In particular, Pornvisory has published in its store the first 5 figurines containing as many pencil drawings made by the artist Giampaolo Casarini

Since they are based on Ethereum thanks to a smart contract, these NFTs are numbered, cannot be minted and are not falsifiable. 

This establishes their rarity, making them true collector’s items.

Once purchased on Opensea.io, using Pornvisory’s proprietary token (PVY) users can keep these NFTs in their wallet, give them away or put them back on sale. 

All steps of each work remain forever tracked in the Ethereum blockchain, onchain.

The figurines are all for sale with the auction mode, and contain the following drawings:

  • Reflections: 1 copy at the basic auction price of 10’000 PVY (about 200 USD at current exchange rate);
  • Drink Me: 1 copy at the basic auction price of 5000 PVY (approx. 100 USD);
  • Last Caress: 1 copy at the basic auction price of 5000 PVY;
  • Ice Cream: 3 copies at the basic auction price of 2000 PVY (approx. 40 USD);
  • The Kiss: 3 copies at the basic auction price of 2000 PVY.

Veronica Noschese, founder of the Pornvisory project said:

“We are happy to give a first use case to our PVY token, since on the primary market, Opensea, these exclusive NFT can only be purchased using Pornvisory’s native token”.

Recently also NBA, MotoGP and F1 have launched their NFTs with the same technology, reaching record prices of thousands of dollars. 

In addition, the well-known company of collectible stickers Panini has also decided to land on the blockchain as soon as possible with some of their products related to football.

Pornvisory and porn on blockchain

Pornvisory is a project that wants to unite the world of adult entertainment with the nerdiest of the blockchain. Going to the official website of the project in the future users can read, comment and watch adult videos to receive rewards in token PVY (Pornvisory’s native token).

Each action performed on the site will correspond to a token reward. These tokens can then be spent to buy goods and services on third-party platforms, as well as to buy the NFTs announced today.


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