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The top blockchains for development: Cardano in the lead

The ranking of the top blockchains in terms of development over the last 30 days has been published. 

The ranking was compiled by Santiment and published by CryptoDiffer. These are the blockchain projects with the highest average daily development activity on GitHub from September to October 2020. 

As already happened in the recent past, this ranking is dominated by Cardano, very active in this period due to the beginning of the Shelley era which involved the release of new features. 

So it is not at all surprising that Cardano developers have released so many new features and updates during this period. 

The second place in this ranking is occupied, not by chance, by Ethereum, perhaps also thanks to the work in progress in developing and testing Medalla, the Ethereum 2.0 testnet

It should be noted that in the period under consideration the average daily activity on Cardano’s GitHub was 403, while that of Ethereum was 345. 

In third place, there is Kusama of Polkadot, with 291. Kusama is another test network that was launched not long ago but is already fully operational. 

As a result, the first three places are occupied by projects that have major milestones in development, or testnets that are in the experimental phase. 

The fourth place is occupied by Gnosis, with 249, while the fifth and sixth places are occupied by Status and Solana, respectively, with 182 and 181. 

Only seventh is Bitcoin, with 138, on a par with Polkadot

Top blockchain for development, 57,000 activities per month on GitHub

It should be noted that all positions from ninth onwards are occupied by projects that have an average daily activity of less than 100, well below the first seven. In fact, the ninth, Ark, scored an average daily activity of almost four and a half times lower than the first, Cardano. 

Moreover, from the ninth position onwards, the differences between the various projects become much smaller, indicating the existence of two categories, namely the more active projects, from Cardano to Bitcoin and Polkadot, and the less active projects, from Ark onwards. However, there is also a third category of projects that are basically inactive, or so barely active that they are practically inactive.

The crypto and blockchain sector is on average very active from these data, since by putting together only the first seven positions, the total monthly activities on GitHub amount to more than 57,000

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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