Bitcoin Rejoin, two versions and many risks
Bitcoin Rejoin, two versions and many risks

Bitcoin Rejoin, two versions and many risks

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 15 Nov 2020

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Bitcoin Rejoin is yet another automatic trading platform for BTC. Unlike the more famous ones, also due to its doubtful functioning, this one has some distinctive elements in its .com version

Bitcoin Rejoin has in fact 4 versions of the website:

  • English,
  • Italian, 
  • German,
  • Spanish.

On the home page, the first thing that appears is a slogan that promotes the application by claiming two things: it’s free and it’s safe. 

Like the other Bitcoin automatic trading platforms, it suggests an initial investment of 250 euros (or 250 dollars in the English version). It is specified that it is a platform that trades CFDs (Contracts for Differences). And already here there is a first point to consider: it is not trading Bitcoin but a derivative instrument.  

It also promises that it’s possible to withdraw the funds just as quickly. 

Bitcoin Rejoin is based on three aspects: 

  • Reliability, because, according to the site, CFD trading is highly risky, Bitcoin Rejoin aims to simplify this type of activity to ensure positive results. 
  • Security, because it uses SSL encryption to protect personal information, although it claims to collect data that is only strictly necessary.
  • Technology, as Bitcoin Rejoin presents itself as a complex piece of software that does not guarantee infallible results, but at the same time defines itself as “exceptional” without indicating what its exceptionality is based on. 

To start earning money, the first thing to do is to register, deposit 250 euros, and then it is possible to let the software run, or set parameters manually.

The FAQ section focuses on three simple questions: 

  • The cost, specifying that the platform is free apart from the initial contribution of at least 250 euros or 250 dollars. 
  • The devices, underlining how it is enough to have a browser, no matter the device;
  • How to start, where it is reiterated that it is necessary to open an account and fund it with at least 250 euros/dollars.

Compared to the usual platforms, Bitcoin Rejoin explains several times that trading is a risky activity. In addition, there is no promise of the usual dizzying gains, just an unclear system to facilitate the activity.

The About us section says nothing about who is behind this platform and the contact us form is just a form to fill in without specific email addresses or phone numbers to contact.

Is Bitcoin Rejoin a scam? 

The reviews found online are not just complimentary. But they mostly refer to the Bitcoin Rejoin version with the .io extension.

This version of Bitcoin Rejoin, while presenting a logo very similar to the .com version of the site, is completely identical to other Bitcoin automatic trading platforms previously seen, such as Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin System, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Champion, Bitcoin Bank, Bitcoin Compass.

Here too there’s yet another video praising Bitcoin with famous people like Bill Gates or the Winklevoss brothers to name a few.

Then there are the testimonies of those who got rich, earning up to 163,000 dollars.

In this case, it is explained that there is a bot doing the “dirty work”, but only after registering and depositing at least 250 dollars. It is repeatedly stressed that it is not necessary to be a trading expert to use the software. 

Software that in most cases guarantees earnings of $2,000 on the first day

As always, before judging Bitcoin Rejoin as a scam or as unreliable, it is good to remember a couple of principles: 

  • If someone makes promises that are too good to be true, they are probably not true. 
  • Trading is a risky business;
  • Trading requires study and experience, one cannot become a trader without knowing the market and without studying the functioning of the investment platforms. 


Eleonora Spagnolo

Journalist passionate about the web and the digital world. She graduated with honours in Multimedia Publishing at the University La Sapienza in Rome and completed a master's degree in Web and Social Media Marketing.

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