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Elections in Brazil, donations on blockchain

The Decred blockchain will be used to record the donations made to the parties for the next municipal elections in Brazil.

The platform is called Voto Legal, and has been chosen by 11 candidates for mayor, allowing information about the candidates’ campaign donations to be recorded.

The same platform previously operated on Ethereum and only recently migrated to the Decred blockchain, employing a different system of governance.

Donations, which will be made through the local currency, the BRL, will be made through the Legal Voting platform and transactions will be recorded on the Decred blockchain. Both the amount of the donation and the name of the donor will be recorded in order to have maximum transparency.

Blockchain for the elections in Brazil

The donation campaign started last May 15th and will end on November 29th; so far, over 24 thousand donations have been made for a total of over 600 thousand dollars.

Blockchain enables the sovereignty of the individual, recalled the co-founder of Decred, Jake Yocom-Piatt:

“Decred was created to champion individual sovereignty. Our governance system is ruled by the collective intelligence of our community to enable truly decentralized decision-making, so it’s rewarding to see our technology utilized in an election, which has the same goal”.

Donations on blockchain

The problem of donations concerns the transition from donor to final destination, since in the process there are often third parties and the funds do not always arrive at their destination or are used in the correct way.

For this reason the blockchain-based tracking system allows monitoring all the steps and how the money is spent.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the Decred (DCR) token is currently at position 60 of CoinMarketCap and is traded at a price of $19, though at its peak it reached a value of $100.

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