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Earn €120K a Year on Your Bitcoin and Euros


As crypto investors we are always looking for the best return on our Bitcoin and Ethereum. But, while, for me, profits remain the number one priority, an opportunity that doesn’t eat into my day, requiring hours of hands-on management will always be an attractive investment option.

I Want to Get on with My Day

When I’m evaluating a platform, I want a pre-coded system that is programmed with a smart high-return strategy that doesn’t expose me to unmanageable risk. The algorithm also needs to be agile enough to respond to real-time market shifts and change tactics in response to crypto exchange volatility. 

One system that I really like for exactly this reason, is ArbiSmart.com. It is an EU regulated, fully automated platform that performs crypto arbitrage trading on behalf of investors. You simply sign up, deposit either fiat or crypto, and then the platform does the rest of the work.

Crypto arbitrage is generally agreed to be an exceptionally low risk strategy. The way it works is that it takes advantage of crypto exchange price inefficiencies.This means that for a short space of time, a single cryptocurrency can be available on multiple exchanges, at different prices, at the same time. Eventually, the price inefficiency will resolve itself, but it is possible to exploit this temporary window of opportunity, purchasing the coin on the exchange where it is available at the lowest price and then instantly selling it on the exchange where it is offered at the highest price to make a profit on the spread.

ArbiSmart’s platform is connected to 35 different exchanges. It scans them 24/7 to find and then take advantage of crypto arbitrage opportunities, with no programming, research, or trade management required. In addition, although the system is fully automated, the company isn’t asking you to place your savings completely in the hands of a machine. There is a risk management team that is tracking the markets and the system around the clock to provide human intervention in cases of extreme market upheaval. 

Show Me the Money

As I’ve mentioned, while being able to sit back and let my bitcoin work on my behalf is essential, my main concern is seeing my account grow steadily. There is no reason that the volatile crypto exchange can’t provide a steady, reliable return. Here too, ArbiSmart is killing the competition, with profits reaching up to 45% a year!

On the website, ArbiSmart details precisely how much you can expect to earn annually and monthly, based on your deposit amount. There is also a handy investment calculator that lets you know exactly how much you need to invest to make your target profits.

Let’s say you want to earn €5K a month- then you need to invest €160K. With this deposit, you will bring your balance up to €220K within a year. Equally, if you have €300K to invest, you can make €10K a month, meaning you will net €120K clean profit in just a year – for doing nothing!

Also, keep in mind that the ArbiSmart native token RBIS, also generates additional capital gains.  When you sign up and deposit, your funds are converted into RBIS to be used for crypto arbitrage trading. I should mention here that you can access the profits you have made up to the day of the withdrawal, in EUR, at any time. 

So far, since the company was established in early 2019, the RBIS token has risen in value by over 120%. If it maintains its current trajectory, the RBIS token is projected to go up by 3,000% by the end of 2021. This seems likely, considering that the platform is steadily rising in popularity, experiencing continuous global growth as the company develops additional financial products and services, such as its interest-bearing crypto wallet.

I Always Go with a Name I Know

This leads me to another factor that is really important to consider when picking a platform and that is sustainability and credibility. You can never be a hundred percent sure how reliable and trustworthy a company is, but there are some questions you can ask that will help you find the safest home for your Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, have you heard of them before? How well established are they? What kind of reputation do they have across various online channels?

Security is key whenever you enter the crypto space. Jumping on board with a platform that appears out of nowhere, offering deals that seem too good to be true should make you think twice. 

Here, the fact that ArbiSmart is fully EU licensed makes a huge difference, as regulation translates to transparency and security. Compliance involves submitting to regular auditing and criminal background checks, implementing AML and KYC procedures, as well as strict IT data security protocols and providing client insurance to cover all operational capital. 

In addition, you can find a lengthy history of positive global media coverage of ArbiSmart from crypto industry news outlets as well as an excellent Trustpilot rating and supportive feedback across Reddit Telegram, Twitter and other social channels. The company’s reputation for accessible, in-person support, steady profits that deliver on the company’s promises and hassle-free, rapid withdrawals, make it a great choice for the cautious crypto investor.

Basically, ArbiSmart is meeting investors’ money-making needs by offering a low-stress, low effort bitcoin investing experience, while still generating hugely competitive returns. The company is also fully regulated and has a solid reputation for dealing fairly and transparently with its clients, making it an increasingly popular choice for bitcoin investors. To find out exactly how much you can earn on your deposit, you can check out the ArbiSmart’s Accounts page, or you can simply register and start making a profit on your bitcoin right away. 

*This article is a paid post. The Cryptonomist has not written the article nor tried the platform.

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