Yup dApp: reviews on the blockchain through LiquidApps
Yup dApp: reviews on the blockchain through LiquidApps

Yup dApp: reviews on the blockchain through LiquidApps

By Alfredo de Candia - 20 Nov 2020

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LiquidApps, a project focused on the development of decentralized protocols, recently announced the launch of the Yup dApp.

LiquidApps is behind the development of several protocols and services, especially the EOS blockchain. Moreover, it has recently established a bridge to connect the EOS and the Ethereum blockchains, allowing cross-chain transactions.

Yup, the dApp of LiquidApps on EOS and Ethereum

As far as the dApp developed is concerned, Yup is a social consensus protocol that allows users to “review” web pages in a decentralized manner and reward them for their work.

It can be defined as a sort of TripAdvisor of the digital world, since with a dedicated plugin it is possible to view comments and reviews of a site or web page. 

Its token, YUP, has a supply of over 9 million tokens and is currently trading at around $2.5, proving its value. At its peak, it has almost reached $5, so it represents a small economy that seems to work.

In addition, using the DAPP Network it is possible to move this token to the Ethereum blockchain and vice versa, so users can also use pools such as Uniswap.

Reviews on the blockchain with a dApp

This is an interesting project that allows and demonstrates how the use of the blockchain and a decentralized system can be integrated as a system of reviews and comments within everyone’s reach, providing a useful tool for visitors to a given website.

Consider, for example, a website of dubious origin: by checking the various comments and reviews it will be possible to understand whether it is a scam site or not. Moreover, these comments and reviews are not subject to censorship by the portal, as the site team will not be able to intervene to obscure them. This will allow unprecedented freedom of expression.


Alfredo de Candia

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