New Binance widget on Brave
New Binance widget on Brave

New Binance widget on Brave

By Alfredo de Candia - 19 Nov 2020

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According to a press release from Binance, a new widget of the popular crypto exchange will be integrated into the Brave browser.

Buy crypto on Brave

All users using this desktop browser can already buy cryptocurrencies through the widgets of various exchanges, including the Binance one.

What was missing until now was the possibility to buy several cryptocurrencies from the widgets on smartphones, and today’s announcement was the Binance widget for the Android version of Brave.

If desired, these widgets can be removed in the browser settings.

How does the Binance widget work on Brave?

It is worth noting that Brave has just crossed the threshold of 20 million active users per month and 7 million active users per day, so the target group is very broad.

Obviously, the widget needs to be synchronized with the Binance account, but after connecting it, it will be possible to use it to control a number of functions, for example:

  • Get a summary of the user’s account;
  • Deposit crypto and thus quickly display the relevant QR code for the deposit;
  • Convert the crypto with an updated price every 30 seconds, useful for example for swapping from one crypto/token to another;
  • Buy and sell crypto assets.

Privacy above all

All of which does not affect the user’s privacy, as Brave integrates the Binance API and therefore has no access to information, which is very good because if there are problems, the API can be blocked from the main Binance account.

Surely this is a very appreciated feature for browser users, which also allows them to earn tokens, the so-called Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), by watching targeted advertisements. 

This function can also be deactivated at any time and must be activated manually.


Alfredo de Candia

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