“Craig Wright does not want to control Bitcoin”
“Craig Wright does not want to control Bitcoin”

“Craig Wright does not want to control Bitcoin”

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 2 Mar 2021

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Craig Wright does not intend to take control of Bitcoin, and, for that matter, is not a member of the Bitcoin Association. 

This is the summary of Calvin Ayre‘s (who is part of the Bitcoin Association, behind the development of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) statement on the matter of Craig Wright suing Bitcoin developers, including BSV.

In his statement, Calvin Ayre, a friend of Craig Wright’s and a firm believer that it is he who hides behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, explained his point of view on the matter. 

The facts are the following: Craig Wright was the victim of a cyber attack in which 111,000 bitcoin were stolen from him. In order to get his cryptocurrencies back, Craig Wright sued the developers of BTC, BCH, BSV and BCH ABC, who he claims have a duty to cooperate in returning the coins to the wallet from which they were stolen. 

The fact that BSV, which Craig Wright is supposed to be supporting, was among those being sued caused a stir, and the Bitcoin Association issued a statement seeming to distance itself.

Craig Wright and the stolen bitcoin lawsuit: Calvin Ayre’s side of the story

In reality, according to Calvin Ayre, things are not quite as they are made out to be. To begin with, Craig Wright is not a member of the Bitcoin Association even though he is Satoshi Nakamoto and with BSV he had intended to restore Bitcoin to its original version:

“But despite Craig being the real-world figure behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym credited with inventing Bitcoin back in 2008, Craig is not part of the Association, a decision that was intended from day one to demonstrate that no single individual controls BSV.

Part of Craig’s vision for restoring Bitcoin’s original design was to lock BSV’s protocol, offering developers and enterprises the confidence with which to proceed with their plans, safe in the knowledge that their work won’t be sabotaged by decisions made without their consultation by self-appointed network demigods”.

The decision not to join the Bitcoin Association and to block the BSV protocol was also made with the aim of ensuring that no one could take control of the network. This is what Calvin Ayre claims. No one, not even Craig Wright himself. 

For Calvin Ayre, Craig Wright’s intent in suing the developers is not about taking control of Bitcoin, forcing miners to make a transaction that some say could undermine the trust of the blockchain. 

Because, Calvin Ayre goes on to explain, when Craig Wright first conceived of Bitcoin he envisioned a kind of triple confirmation, where one transaction could be reversible, returning misappropriated funds, while a second transaction would erase the first “illegal” one while retaining memory of the crime committed. 

Calvin Ayre adds:

“Bitcoin’s various forks (such as BTC and BCH) removed this functionality from their code but it would be fairly easy for miners to reinsert these tools. This would help enshrine Bitcoin as a legally compliant technology and remove the threat of future legal actions that are undoubtedly in the works by other victims of digital larceny”.

The fact that Craig Wright had to go to court strengthens the purpose of the Bitcoin Association, which is to build an ecosystem that operates legally, according to Calvin Ayre. While the BSV cryptocurrency, which Craig Wright co-founded, cannot be controlled by anyone. Therefore, Calvin Ayre’s position is clear and once again in defence of his friend: 

“So don’t believe the hype emanating from those who claim Craig’s legal action is intended to achieve an unchallengeable dominance over Bitcoin. He himself has ensured that can never happen. All he wants is for the technology he invented to fulfill its destiny as a legally compliant global payment and data storage system”.

There will come a time, he concludes, when the cryptocurrency wild west is set to end, and that time is getting closer. If cryptocurrencies were remembered and compared to Jesse James, Billy the Kid and the Hole in the Wall gang, none of them lived long, Calvin Ayre recalls. But Bitcoin SV and the Bitcoin Association are something else, which is why, he concludes, their future will be bright:

“The Bitcoin Association has chosen to wear a white hat in this drama, which is just one of the reasons— alongside unparalleled scaling capacity and ultra-low transaction fees—why BSV’s long-term future appears far brighter than its legally conflicted rivals”.

Eleonora Spagnolo

Journalist passionate about the web and the digital world. She graduated with honours in Multimedia Publishing at the University La Sapienza in Rome and completed a master's degree in Web and Social Media Marketing.

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