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Ripple versus dev Isaac Miller for his fidget spinners

Computer developer Isaac Miller is being sued by Ripple for promoting a fidget spinner website that features the Ripple logo.

As he explained in a video on youtube, the initiative was goliardic: a few years ago he thought of creating a website, ripplefidgetspinner.com where he sells fidget spinners, funny gadgets that were very fashionable a few years ago. 

This is a kind of spinning top, which rotates on itself and is considered a kind of stress reliever. Its appearance is very reminiscent of the Ripple logo. This gave rise to the idea of creating a website selling Ripple Fidget Spinners.

That the gadget is goliardic is demonstrated by the video on the home page showing how the idea came about, which plays on the effort in producing an object that serves no purpose. The Ripple Fidget Spinner can be bought by paying in XRP of course. The site also ends up explaining what Ripple is, promoting XRP to make a small purchase.

Isaac Miller accused of fraud

But for Ripple, Isaac Miller has infringed copyright and defrauded customers, so the developer was sent an email from Ripple’s lawyers urging him to desist from continuing his particular e-commerce business.

Initially, the host took offline not only the fidget spinner site but all of Isaac Miller’s ecommerce sites on suspicion of fraud. The site was later restored. However, Isaac Miller wanted to keep the site online and added a note:

This website is in no way affiliated with Ripple Labs, Inc, the San Francisco based blockchain tech company.

He explains in the video, however, that it is peculiar how a blockchain that claims to be decentralised like Ripple finds itself being persecuted by the SEC and in turn persecuting a site for alleged copyright infringement. 

In any case, the site is currently online but is no longer selling the cute gadgets at 3 XRP each, as the current value of Ripple is insufficient to cover expenses. 

XRP is currently trading at 45 cents, far from the tops of January 2018, when it reached $3.84


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