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Lolli, the bitcoin cashback shopping programme

Lolli is a cashback programme that allows users to earn bitcoin by shopping.

Lolli has been in the news lately as it completed a funding round that included tennis player Serena Williams. She is not the only celebrity to have invested in the start-up. Actor Ashton Kutcher also invested in Lolli last May, clearly betting on its growth. 

How does Lolli work and how to earn bitcoin

Lolli‘s official website has a very simple interface that initially requires the user to add the extension for Google Chrome or Firefox. Lolli’s partner brands are also on display, including Nike, Groupon, eBay and Sephora.

To sign up, simply add the extension to your browser and from there enter your email and a password, or alternatively sign in via Facebook. By navigating to Shop you can see the list of brands associated with Lolli where you receive a percentage of cashback in bitcoin for each purchase. 

The most lucrative purchases at the moment seem to be those on Harry’s which give up to 27% cashback, those on Udemy (13.5% cashback) and Groupon (10.5% cashback). 

To receive cashback it is necessary to shop from this list, choose the brand and click on Shop. Once the purchase is made, as soon as the merchant pays Lolli, Lolli will remit the cashback to the user’s bitcoin wallet

In fact, upon signing up Lolli also activates a bitcoin wallet from which the user can withdraw their funds at any time as long as they have reached a balance of at least $15. 

Although there is also a mobile app, the Lolli team recommends making purchases via desktop PC, using the extension for Chrome or Firefox. 

Unfortunately, while Lolli is an interesting programme, it is currently only active for US users. This means that even if you use the extension from other countries and make purchases from Lolli’s partner stores, you will not receive cashback. 

Not surprisingly, when you open a store from the Lolli page, Lolli configures the store and a notification alerts you to the cashback that will be applied if you make a purchase. But there is also a note that reads: exclusions may apply.

All that remains is to wait for Lolli to be available to users outside the States


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