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Bitcoin, Jack Dorsey to meet with Elon Musk

Elon Musk will meet Jack Dorsey and the focus of the meeting will be, of course, Bitcoin.

The two talked about it publicly in an exchange of tweets. It all stems from the post with which the CEO of Twitter and Square launched “The B World“, a series of recordings that explore various aspects of Bitcoin, intended to dispel some false myths about BTC and better illustrate the potential of the queen of cryptocurrencies.

Below this posts an early comment from Elon Musk, ironically, asking what the letter B stood for.

More comments and jokes followed until Jack Dorsey explicitly asked for a meeting

Elon Musk’s response, peppered with the usual irony, was:

“Very well then, let’s do it”.

Interestingly, Peter Schiff also joined the conversation feed at one point. 

This is because Elon Musk tweeted that the comments on the post were “solid gold”. Jack Dorsey took the opportunity to ask Peter Schiff to join the conversation. Said and done. 

Peter Schiff didn’t ask twice and stepped in, in support of gold: 

“The main problem with fiat currency is that it’s not backed by actual money. Bitcoin doesn’t fix this. Currency redeemable in money isn’t fiat. Money is a commodity. Currency redeemable in money can substitute for money. Historically the best commodity to use as money is gold”.

Bitcoin, Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey

All that remains now is to wait for words to turn into deeds, and for Elon Musk to be a guest of Jack Dorsey at the live session of The B World.

The two have recently been on different sides. Elon Musk has suddenly found himself fighting Bitcoin because of its excessive energy consumption. Jack Dorsey, on the other hand, had already been investigating for some time with Ark Invest the possibility of using clean energy to mine Bitcoin

Basically, Elon Musk posed a problem while Jack Dorsey studied a solution. 

The meeting will perhaps serve to find a synthesis. What is certain is that Elon Musk’s tweets do not seem to impress the market. Today, BTC is stable at 33,000 dollars. Perhaps the “Elon effect” is definitely over. 


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