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X6 Your Bitcoin even with Chinese ban with Arbismart’s RBIS


Investors need a coin that will see them through the current upheaval, by maintaining its value in a bear market. One cryptocurrency that has risen to the challenge is RBIS, the native token powering the ArbiSmart project

The crypto markets have had a tough week. Friday, 24th September saw prices take a dive when the Chinese crypto crackdown intensified with a total ban on mining and all digital currency transactions. Ten leading bodies including the central bank, and various financial regulators came together to announce plans to put an end to “illegal” crypto related trading activity. As a result, Bitcoin and many less well-established coins experienced a slump.

While this was happening, RBIS was on a consistent upward trajectory, rising by 629% since it was introduced in 2019, without dipping in price, even when the market crashed. 

RBIS and Arbismart, a guarantee of protection in a bear market

ArbiSmart provides crypto arbitrage services, meaning that it generates a profit from price disparities across exchanges. 

Arbismart RBIS
Arbismart scans nearly 40 exchanges 24/7

Trading volume and liquidity levels will vary between larger and smaller exchanges, and this frequently results in a coin being  temporarily available at different prices at the same time. ArbiSmart is connected to nearly 40 exchanges where it uses an algorithm to simultaneously track hundreds of coins, 24/7, looking for price disparities. It will then automatically buy the coin at the lowest possible price before instantly selling it for a profit, on whichever exchange is offering it at the highest price. 

As a platform user, all you need to do is deposit funds in fiat or crypto and then you are free to focus your attention elsewhere. The algorithm automatically converts your investment into RBIS and uses it to perform crypto arbitrage trading on your behalf. Profits are high, starting at 10.8% a year and reaching up to 45% a year depending on the size of your deposit. 

Arbismart RBIS

However, in the current climate, what sets the platform apart for investors is not the unmatched ROI, but the fact that it offers a great hedging opportunity, since even if the crypto market tanks, price differences across exchanges will continue to emerge as consistently as ever. So, rather than losing value, your Bitcoin, Cardano and Ethereum, will continue to earn you a steady, regular yield. 

In fact, profits are so reliable that you can calculate in advance exactly how much you will earn, per day, month and year, by entering an investment amount and time frame into the ArbiSmart profit calculator.

Multi-channel passive profits

Another reason that the project is increasingly gaining traction with crypto strategists is that automated crypto arbitrage profits of up to 45% a year (3.75% a month) are not the only source of revenue. By holding your funds in a long-term savings account, which is locked, for a contracted period, you can make as much as 1% a day in additional passive profits just for storing your capital. 

Arbismart RBIS
You can make 1% a day in additional passive profits

You will also earn huge capital gains on the rising price of the RBIS token, which has already gone up to six times its original value in just two years. 

ArbiSmart experienced YOY growth in 2020 of 150% and the project has seen massive community expansion since then.  So, it is really no surprise that analysts are projecting a 4,000% rise in the RBIS price by 2023.

A Jam-packed schedule

Arbismart RBIS
New utilities for RBIS are coming

Much of this optimistic forecast is due to the many new utilities in the development pipeline from Q4 2021 through to Q1 2022, including a crypto credit card, a mobile app, a yield farming program and an interest-bearing wallet supporting fiat and crypto. 

Another major upcoming development is the RBIS listing, set for Q4 2021. Once RBIS is tradable, in order to use ArbiSmart’s crypto arbitrage platform, or any of these new utilities, you will need to purchase the coin on an exchange. Yet, as demand grows, the RBIS supply is finite, capped forever, at 450M tokens.

The Chinese ban is the latest event to impact digital currency prices and reflects a need for a coin that can weather the storms of crypto market volatility. RBIS appears to meet that need and with the listing and the launch of new services coming in the next few months the price is about to jump. 

Want to buy now, at a modest price? Purchase RBIS today.

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