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OneRepublic, the first concert paid for with Bitcoin

Last week, the band OneRepublic performed a concert just outside Vienna, at the Haydn Hall. The special feature of the event was that payment was only made in Bitcoin

The artists handled the transactions themselves using the peer-to-peer app Strike.

Bitcoin and music go hand in hand

Frontman Ryan Tedder has always been a technology enthusiast and in this case, led the way for the first event paid entirely in cryptocurrencies.

Tedder has long been trying to get the message across among artists about innovative ways to make connections between the crypto world and music. Music and technology must go hand in hand, he argues.

One republic

OneRepublic, frontman Tedder’s passion for Bitcoin and NFTs

The Vienna concert sold out in no time. Tedder himself has made it known that he will be performing another show in December and that it will also exclusively involve Bitcoin.

The band’s frontman is not only fascinated by the world of cryptocurrencies but as many know, from a previous collaboration with Swiss graffiti artist BustArt (a well-known European graffiti artist) he created his own personal collection of NFTs entitled “Cartoon Collection Series One”.

He came up with the idea, and shared it, thinking of his own childhood happiness when watching cartoons in the morning before school. OneRepublic have won many awards and sold almost 500 million records worldwide. Tedder has given several interviews about his passion for the metaverse and Non Fungible Tokens (NFT).

The future of music through technology

 After the concert, the OneRepublic frontman said:

“My band and I are so happy to be a part of something that we believe is, without question, the future of how payments are transacted for unlimited amounts of assets, performances, services, purchases, music, etc. around the world. Whether it’s artists using NFTs to fund albums with their fans or bands being paid for concerts in crypto, music & tech go hand in hand. With that in mind, it only made sense for us to take the next logical step. I also have an upcoming private concert in December I’m planning on taking Bitcoin for”.

The world of music is joining the other dimensions of entertainment and art that have long since realized the importance of linking to this new concept of vision. The metaverse and new technologies will be the future of communication and artistic expression.