hi Dollar Bullish Trends Show Its Potential as an Investment Tool
hi Dollar Bullish Trends Show Its Potential as an Investment Tool

hi Dollar Bullish Trends Show Its Potential as an Investment Tool

By Crypto Advertising - 30 Nov 2021

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While hi Dollar is still a new coin in the market, it shows great promise for the future. The coin ranking at #3279 in the crypto market as per CMC standings, experienced a price fluctuation within the last 24H, gaining momentum and jumping from the $1.06 mark to $1.20.

Hi dollar
HI/BUSD price chart indicating hi Dollar’s ATH on PancakeSwap V2. Source: Nomics

On November 13, It kicked off on a high note, trading at $1.2378 from October 12 lows of $1.2203, later dropping to $1.2112. However, the asset became bullish later in the day, reaching its ATH before declining again. Currently, the coin’s price is settled at $1.17 at the time of writing.

hi Dollar
hi Dollar price chart from October 18- November 16. Source: CoinMarketCap

Recent Increase in Price Could be a Sign of an Impending Bull-run 

While its price increased by 8% in the last 24H, hi Dollar’s trading volume also followed suit, garnering approximately a 13% increase. A lot of questions are circulating concerning if the coin is a good investment option or not.

However, the market indicators today show its resilience in the market despite being 6 months old. The week has been lenient to the coin, making it surge 19% in value having surged almost 330% from it’s All Time Low just a month ago.

So far, its 24H trading volumes stand at $863K, down by 31% from yesterday’s $1.134 million. However, since October 26, when it plunged to it’s all-time low, the coin has been performing well as per the 3-month chart below:

hi Dollar
hi Dollar charts featuring bullish price trend since August 2021. Source: Ethexplorer

An Inside Look into hi Dollar

hi.com is a blockchain platform describing itself as a pathway to more innovative technologies and solving scalability issues. Furthermore, it hopes to be the future of payment, blockchain functionality, digital identity, and web 3.0.

The Hi platform is a subsidiary of a Singapore non-profit, the hi Foundation. Its founders are the former Crypto.com CMO Sean Rach and former Bitcoin.com CEO Stefan Rust, who kicked off the process at the beginning of 2021. 

As it stands, this input from members well-versed in the crypto sector is a win for the new platform. It places its progress in the hands of its 100+ team members and the growing hi community.

Solid hi Protocol Plans for Years to Come

According to the team, the existing blockchains are not good enough for its vision. In turn, they have created a protocol to leverage the Hi ecosystem. Moreover, the team plans to develop hi Dollar into the most functional smart contract platform for decentralized finance. 

Additionally, the hi dollar devs are working towards being a highly scalable, fee-free, and fast blockchain in the current and future markets. The platform will soon enter the non-fungible token markets, adding to its upcoming creation of a metaverse. It will be an excellent addition for its over 2 Million user base across over 180 countries globally.

hi Dollar will leverage the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, allowing delegates to handle investor activity on the platform instead of the investors themselves. Besides, this allows for staking activity that earns users up to 40% returns per year.

The Palpable hi Dollar Price Surge

The hi platform attributed hi Dollar’s success in the markets for the past 6 months to growing investor faith in the platform. This element is visible in the number of users currently leveraging the platform and its positive trading and transfer activity on PancakeSwap. 

The analytics chart below from its BSCScan shows the slight fluctuations in transfer amounts since October 20 and November 11. November 11 recorded the highest transactions yet, with over 2700 transfers and over 2 million HI transferred.

hi Dollar smart contract transfer analytics. Source: BSCScan

So far, the best solution to purchase hi Dollars is to sign up at hi.com and buy at a 1-year or 4-year lockup period to get a large discount from web.hi.com. hi has recently announced that the discounted rate will be phased out soon. So do hurry if you wish to purchase. People who have a hi account can get 1HI on Telegram, WhatsApp or Web App. Notably, any user with a hi account can get 1 HI from Telegram, WhatsApp, or the Web App.

PankcakeSwap is the most progressive DEX running on the Binance Smart Chain, giving users better options and liquidity. hi initiated a reward program for liquidity providers with 1 million HI besides high returns from staking HI/BUSD tokens; you can stake your tokens on FLEXI pool here. Another essential element to keep in mind is that hi will be introducing a MEGA pool coming soon. Besides returns from liquidity provisions, providers will be rewarded with extra 10 million HI when they stake the token.

Hi Plans Might Contribute to an Upsurge

The current price movement shows that the coin might maintain the upward streak. Furthermore, the Hi platform believes that this is but the beginning of the lengths HI will soon achieve in the market. It is advisable to get the coin before it achieves listings from notable CEXs in the industry today. 

According to a statement from its team, hi is eyeing listings on Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, among other exchanges. Additional updates it wishes to achieve is unveiling a gaming platform to assist GameFi and its user base. 

As per the current analysis, the coin is yet to achieve more in the crypto market, especially by the end of 2022. Increasing interest is undeniable, which will be vital to HI’s price action in the coming days.

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