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Why RBIS will be the first crypto breakout star of 2022


There are a number of reasons behind the stellar projections for the RBIS token, so let’s look in a little more detail on why the coin is set to outperform its crypto competitors as we enter 2022.

What is RBIS and why is set to rise in 2022

RBIS is the native token of ArbiSmart, a crypto investment project that analysts are projecting is about to explode, rising in value 4,000%, by 2023. The token has been steadily rising in value,  climbing consistently even as other cryptocurrencies experienced a bear trend, gaining almost 900% in an incredibly short space of time. 

The platform safeguards against volatility

ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage platform has gained ground at such a rapid pace because in such an volatile market it offers the perfect hedge against a crash. 

Crypto arbitrage involves taking advantage of price differences across exchanges. These occur all the time for various reasons, such as a disparity in liquidity or trading volume between a bigger exchange and a smaller one.  In bear or bull markets, crypto arbitrage opportunities will occur with the same regularity as ever, generating steady profits and ensuring your capital doesn’t lose value if the market experiences a sudden downturn. 

As a platform user, you register, deposit, and then the algorithm goes to work. It converts your crypto or FIAT into RBIS and then uses your funds to trade on your behalf. ArbiSmart is integrated with nearly forty exchanges, where it scans hundreds of cryptocurrencies, day and night, looking for price differences. It automatically buys the asset on the exchange where the price is lowest, and then sells it on the exchange where the price is highest, to generate yields of up to 45% a year.   

RBIS 2022
Arbismart converts yout fund into RBIS and performs crypto arbitrage

The passive profits are unmatched in the industry

ArbiSmart passive profits can be earned through multiple channels. 

Crypto arbitrage APY begins at 10.8% a year, (0.9% a month) and reaches up to 45% a year (3.75% a month), depending on the deposit size. Since the profits are so consistent, you can calculate in advance exactly how much you will make over any given time frame for any investment amount, using the platform’s profit calculator.

Arbismart let users have profits through different channels

Another profit channel is ArbiSmart savings accounts, which are locked, for contracted periods.  By holding your funds in a closed account, you can make as much as 1% a day in additional revenues, based on the currency type, deposit size, and the length of the lock on the funds.  

Capital gains are another major passive profit generator. Anyone who purchased RBIS in 2019, when the token was introduced will have seen their investment go up in value by 908%, before even taking into consideration revenues from RBIS utilities. 

In the next few weeks, ArbiSmart is also launching its new decentralized yield farming program, which will be offered through the external DeFi application, UniSwap. You will be able to contribute to either an RBIS/USDT or an RBIS/ETH liquidity pool and receive RBIS in return for staking your capital.  The program offers an industryleading APY, and participants will be rewarded with 0.3 % of the trading fees on every single trade. 

The RBIS token listing is about to kick off

Within the next couple of weeks RBIS is being listed. It will then become available for purchase, sale and trading on global exchanges, becoming accessible to multiple new communities of crypto traders. 

Firstly, because ArbiSmart is EU licensed, it has restrictions on the countries from which it can accept clients. So, once RBIS is listed it will become available to people in countries like the US, who have been prevented from buying the token through the platform.

Secondly, with every new exchange, RBIS is introduced to a whole new crypto community, expanding the project’s reach.  More exchanges lead to wider global recognition and this enhances the legitimacy and popularity of the token, proving its long-term viability. 

RBIS is going to be listed

Lastly, liquidity and trading volume are also likely to be boosted by the listing process, which is anticipated to continue throughout 2022, as new exchanges add RBIS. 

The developers are now adding multiple new utilities

2022 is expected to see a surge in demand for ArbiSmart. Part of this is due to the upcoming listing but it is also likely to result from the stream of new RBIS utilities being launched in the year ahead. 

New features are going to be launched on Arbismart

In addition to the new yield farming service, ArbiSmart will be launching an NFT marketplace at the start of 2022, a one-of-a-kind art collection of 10,000 digital pieces, certified by an exclusive NFT token, which can only be purchased by sending RBIS to the specified smart contract. The company will also be introducing a mobile application in Q1 2022, which will support both iOS and Android devices and an interest- generating wallet, supporting crypto and FIAT.

Looking further ahead, the pipeline for the second half of 2022 is filled with additional services. These include a banking services package that includes crypto debit cards and iBans, as well as payment services for the execution of international transactions from ArbiSmart accounts to global banks. ArbiSmart will also be launching a cryptocurrency exchange as well as a launchpad for new crypto assets which will be allocating funds to promote and share in the success of promising tokens. 

The interconnectivity of the ArbiSmart ecosystem means that any RBIS you earn gives you access to other ArbiSmart utilities, all of which add to the token value. 

You will also be rewarded for your use of other utilities offered in ArbiSmart’s crypto hub. For
example, you will receive a higher APY when participating in the yield farming program if you also hold ArbiSmart NFTs.

The RBIS token is evidently on the brink of a price explosion. This is because the platform already provides a cushion against falling prices, and highly competitive yields, while also paving the way for major growth in the very near future with the upcoming listing and the long list of new utilities in the pipeline.  To get hold of RBIS, before the price takes off, buy now.

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