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NFT Bunny releases new update with support for ERC1155 tokens


NFT Bunny, the first social NFT marketplace, has released a new update that introduces a number of new features including support for ERC1155 tokens and additional social functions.

The new NFT Bunny update

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The most important new feature is the introduction of support for ERC1155 tokens. Until now, NFT Bunny was only able to mint NFTs with the ERC721 standard. With the support of the ERC1155 standard it will be possible to create multiple copies of the same NFT with a single smart contract, without having to replicate the procedure as was necessary before the release of the update. 

New social features

The social wall interface is also improved with some new features long awaited by the community: chat (to be released this weekend) and the ability to comment on NFTs. These additions make NFT Bunny more and more similar to a social networking platform like the most popular ones that dominate the market and ensure greater interaction between creators and fans. 

The order of content on the social wall will also change, giving priority to user preferences and the degree of interconnection with other users. This means that the relationship with friends and followers will be prioritized. 

Login via social account or wallet provider

Another important new feature is the addition of two different login possibilities. It will be possible to connect with NFT Bunny using Facebook or Twitter. 

For those who want to maintain their privacy, there will be the possibility to log in via their Metamask, Walletconnect or Walletlink wallet. In this case, it will not be necessary to enter an email and password during registration. 

Other new features

Other implementations are expected in May, particularly in the NFT buying and selling process. These include the introduction of the custodial wallet for those who are not familiar with non-custodial wallets. 

Paolo Pacitto, co-founder of NFT Bunny, explains:

“With the update at the end of April we are introducing many long-awaited features that we are proud of. We are greatly improving the user experience, also meeting the requests we received from the community. With these features NFT Bunny is becoming more and more of a social hub as well as an NFT marketplace. Our devs are continuing to work on the development of new implementations that will improve the process of buying and selling NFTs and their display in virtual galleries, another implementation that we are looking forward to seeing live. We are aware that there is a lot of anticipation for the release of the BUN token as well, I can tell you that we will be making announcements soon”.

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