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Sony Music has filed a trademark to release NFT-backed music

Sony Music, a US company that represents one of the three largest record labels in the music industry, has filed an application for a trademark with the aim of releasing NFT-backed music, lyrics and videos.

Another step towards Web3: Sony Music’s new trademark to certify music with NFTs

The news was released by lawyer Mike Kondoudis on Tuesday through a tweet:

The announcement shows that the American corporate giant has filed the application for the filing of a new trademark in order to be able to release, in the very near future, audio and video recordings with live musical performances authenticated by NFTs.

The trademark application covers music and artists with the Columbia Records logo, as well as online marketing, promotion, distribution, advertising and entertainment services, including podcasts and audiovisual recordings.

The various projects in which Sony Music has participated

For Sony Music, this is not the first project to ride the wave and potential of Web3.

In the past, the US giant has already shown to deeply believe in the inevitable evolution of the music world.

This is certainly demonstrated by his participation in the MarkersPlace financial round.

The platform in question closed a $30 million investment in August. The most important companies that participated were: Pantera Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Coinbase Ventures and Sony Music Entertainment.

In March, the company partnered with Solana Snowcrash and the music giant Universal Music Group to publish Bob Dylan and Miles Davis’ NFT collections.

Sony Music's
Sony Music’s new brand for NFT music product certification

The world of music is changing

Web3 is redefining the music landscape.

The new rules of the game are becoming increasingly clear and it will be finally the artists themselves that will benefit mostly.

More and more singers are choosing to use Non-Fungible Tokens in different ways.

Timbaland, for example, a famous American producer and songwriter, had left everyone speechless at the BAYC Ape Fest in NYC with the launch of his new video – “Has a meaning”. The producer had decided to center his latest track on his Bored Ape # 590 – nicknamed Congo, his musical alter ego.

All of this has been possible due to the fact that all owners of a Bored Ape can use their NFT monkey to create anything.

A marketing strategy that is proving to be truly infallible.

The BAYC community, from the very beginning, decided to hand over the IP rights of their own products to all owners of a Bored Ape, leaving them the opportunity to exploit the unlimited potential of NFTs.

Muse also recently decided to release some copies of their new album in the form of an NFT.

The album, which is currently at the top of the charts, is called “Will of the people” and sold 51,500 copies in its first week alone. Of these, only 1,000 are in NFT format.

It is also worth mentioning the MTV’s Video Music Awards on 29 August, in which Eminem and Snoop Dogg performed their new single in a Metaverse created by Yuga Labs.

MTV’s Video Music Awards themselves have even introduced a new category of awards: “Best Metaverse Performance”.

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