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Johnny Depp: a new milestone for his NFT collection

Johnny Depp has announced a new NFT project, or more precisely a progression of the roadmap for his already sold-out collection.

Earlier this year, Depp launched a collection of 3,850 NFTs and now owners will be eligible to also receive the printed version of the digital collectible signed by the famous Hollywood actor.

To qualify for this chance to redeem the physical copy, it will be necessary to log on to the Never Fear Truth project website by connecting one’s wallet so that the system can check the ownership of the non-fungible token.

The second phase of the roadmap will include a part that will also involve music with airdrop and a preview to listen to songs by the actor.

Currently, the floor price of Never Fear Truth is 0.20 ETH, as can be seen on the OpenSea marketplace, so it is way down from June 2022 when it stood at around 3 Ethereum.

In any case, every print linked to an NFT is certified by a system called Verisart CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) and a QR sticker that links the NFT to the physical work. 

The project also includes other utilities such as participating in the community and various events that will be organized just for NFT holders.

Johnny Depp and other crypto projects

In October 2018, the Hollywood Reporter magazine had announced that crypto company TaTaTu had signed a deal with Johnny Depp’s production company Infinitum Nihil to produce films and digital content together.

The news had then been confirmed in January 2019 when talks began about a film adaptation of JM Coetzee’s novel “Waiting For the Barbarians” starring Johnny Depp, Mark Rylance, and Robert Pattinson and directed by director Ciro Guerra.

The film was then released in 2020, with Iervolino Entertainment by Andrea Iervolino himself, former CEO of TaTaTu.

Not only Johnny Depp in the NFT world

It is not only the actor, however, who has entered the cryptocurrency world.

There are in fact many Hollywood stars who have launched their own non-fungible tokens such as Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Grimes, Lindsay Lohan, Emily Ratajkowski and many others.

Cinema in the crypto world

Recently, Rai Cinema in Italy has partnered with The Nemesis metaverse, where a space completely dedicated to cinema has been created, where it will be possible to watch free film content, experience streaming events, and interact with posters and iconic cinema objects for an exclusive and immersive experience.

The cinema industry is also interested in the crypto world in terms of payments. In fact, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc has decided to accept payments in different cryptocurrencies, specifically in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash for the purchase of tickets at its cinemas in America.

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