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Filecoin (FIL) And BudBlockz (BLUNT) Will Make You Big Bucks In 2023


With the rapid progress of the blockchain industry, the range of services the blockchain project offers keeps expanding; but it faces an uncertain future. The implosion in the last few months, characterized by big losses, raises doubts. Nonetheless, it is becoming clear that only the projects with proven use cases and utility have what it takes to bounce back as soon as the dust settles down.

BudBlockz and Filecoin are tokens that investors should pay attention to as we are headed to 2023. These cryptocurrencies can make you big bucks in the time to come.

BudBlockz Shows Tremendous Potential

BudBlockz is a new cryptocurrency but has already gained momentum. It has been developed to revolutionize the cannabis industry using innovation and blockchain technology. It remains positioned to soar in 2023 amid its drive to bring together the cannabis and cryptocurrency sectors.

Powered by the blockchain industry, BudBlockz’s e-commerce platform plans to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry in its initial growth stage. The platform currently lets people purchase cannabis products in a decentralized manner. 

It is such a promising cryptocurrency that analysts expect it to grow faster than THETA Network in the coming year. BudBlockz is a unique project and is highly attractive to investors.

Advantages of Investing in BudBlockz

BudBlockz has developed the first decentralized marijuana e-commerce platform globally as it functions to tap into the large market opportunity. As the e-commerce platform has been designed on decentralized technology, it ensures complete security and privacy for the people making transactions.

Aside from improving the buying and selling of marijuana-related products, the project plans to offer a unique NFT platform that enables users to trade a range of NFTs, including Ganja Guruz.

Also, BudBlockz’s NFT marketplace will give fractional ownership of tangible real-life assets and ownership of businesses. Thus, cannabis enthusiasts can do more than collect and trade Ganja Guruz NFT. So, it will provide a framework for people to own a partial stake in cannabis dispensaries, farms, and manufacturing facilities. Cannabis legalization across the world can open up the market, and as per BudBlockz, it can give a chance to tap into a $176 billion market.

Its token, $BLUNT, enables people to do business on the BudBlockz ecosystem. The project will facilitate liquidity BudSwap, the decentralized finance platform of the network that will let peer-to-peer lending and borrowing.

BudBlockz is also working to create a multi-billion-dollar gaming industry through BudBlockz Arcade, the play-to-earn gaming platform. With the launch of NFTs, Ganja Guruz has the potential to strengthen the $BLUNT token utility. BudBlockz’s NFT is a compelling example of its potential.

Filecoin can be a Beneficial Investment

Filecoin is a cryptocurrency whose growth metrics and prospects appear to be very bright. It is a decentralized file storage protocol that enables users to rent out disk space and earn from it in Filecoin. If you buy storage space, you can get it at a very competitive price compared to centralized cloud space.

Unlike cloud storage, Filecoin uses decentralized architecture, which returns control over data to users, taking care of the integrity of the data and making it easier to prevent censorship and retrieve data.

Miners play a significant role in keeping the cryptocurrency network up and running. The storage users pay Filecoin to the miners for storing, retrieving, and distributing data. The demand and supply decide the size of the commission of the miners for data storage and the transfer rate chosen by the user.

Filecoin is considered a worthy investment in 2022, and it isn’t too late for you to do that. The coin powers a blockchain-enabled platform to store files and data in the free spaces of users.

The current data solutions revolve around Amazon, Google, and other tech giants; Filecoin seeks to provide a decentralized way to store files away from a decentralized system. Filecoin offers a way for the customer with available space to pose as a storage provider and earn some money. So, a client transfers data or files to a storage miner for a certain fee.

Its native token, FIL, powers the Filecoin ecosystem as the exchange medium for all transactions. The coin hit its all-time high in 2021 but came under pressure amidst the wider market correction. However, the future of cryptocurrency looks very bright since companies and people are looking for an alternative to centralized systems to store data susceptible to attacks.

Final Thoughts

BudBlockz and Filecoin are two of the most promising projects for 2023. A short-term outlook for cryptocurrencies doesn’t look good since investors flee riskier assets amidst the recession. But these two crypto’s long-term perspectives appear to be solid amidst the rising demand for NFTs, the metaverse, and marijuana product storage services. 

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