Crypto prices and news of Stellar (XLM), AiDoge (AIDOGE) and Hedera (HBAR)
Crypto prices and news of Stellar (XLM), AiDoge (AIDOGE) and Hedera (HBAR)

Crypto prices and news of Stellar (XLM), AiDoge (AIDOGE) and Hedera (HBAR)

By Andrea Porcelli - 29 May 2023

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Among the wide range of crypto assets, Stellar (XLM), AiDoge (AIDOGE) and Hedera (HBAR) have emerged as prominent competitors lately. 

These digital assets have attracted attention for their unique features, promising technologies, and recent developments. 

In this article, we will delve into the price movements and latest news related to Stellar (XLM), AiDoge (AIDOGE) and Hedera (HBAR), providing readers with an overview of the current landscape of these digital assets.

Prices and crypto market statistics of Stellar (XLM), AiDoge (AIDOGE) and Hedera (HBAR)

As of the current date, the price of Stellar (XLM) is subject to market fluctuations. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on XLM price, as well as AiDoge, and HBAR, it is recommended to refer to reputable crypto exchange and financial platforms.

These platforms provide real-time price data, historical charts, and other relevant market statistics.

Additionally, crypto market analysis websites and tools can provide insights into crypto price trends, trading volume, and market capitalization.

Let’s start by analyzing the value of Stellar (XLM): over the last week the token has gained 1.3%, currently the price of Stellar is $0.0893. 

As for market statistics, the XLM token has a market capitalization of $2.4 billion, with a trading volume in the last 24 hours of $34.7 million. 

The circulating supply is 26.8 billion XLM, with an average holding time of 44 days. 

The last week of ArbDoge AI has been rather stable, the AIDOGE token declined 3.03%, without getting too unbalanced. At present, the price of ArbDoge AI is $0.00000003. 

Market statistics show a market capitalization of $52.8 million, with a volume of $17.7 million. 

The circulating supply is 174,455.9 trillion AIDOGE, which is a truly amazing figure. 

The last project to be analyzed is Hedera, the token has gained 1.73% in value over the past week, bringing it to a price of $0.0531. 

Hedera’s market capitalization is $1.7 billion, with a trading volume of $19.1 million. The circulating supply is 31.5 billion HBAR tokens, with an average holding time of 51 days.

Let’s continue with the most recent news involving the mentioned projects, undoubtedly influencing the price. 

Brazilian Central Bank partners with Visa and Mastercard to launch Digital Real on the Stellar blockchain

The Brazilian Central Bank has taken a significant step toward digitizing its currency by launching a pilot test of its Digital Real.

This initiative is part of Brazil’s ongoing efforts to modernize its financial infrastructure and improve the efficiency of its payment systems. 

In a recent development, the Central Bank announced its partnership with global payments giants Visa and Mastercard to launch the Digital Real, further solidifying the country’s commitment to embrace digital innovation.

The Digital Real pilot test will be conducted on the Stellar blockchain, a popular and widely recognized blockchain platform known for its scalability, speed and security. 

The choice of Stellar as the core technology for Digital Real demonstrates the Central Bank’s focus on leveraging robust and proven blockchain solutions for its digital currency initiative. 

By partnering with Stellar, the Brazilian Central Bank aims to ensure a secure and efficient payment system that can handle the potential scale and needs of a national digital currency.

Collaboration with Visa and Mastercard is a crucial aspect of Brazil’s digital currency strategy. 

Their involvement in the launch of the Digital Real is expected to bring wide acceptance and accessibility to the digital currency, ensuring that consumers and businesses can use it for a variety of financial transactions.

The partnership with Visa and Mastercard also highlights Brazil’s commitment to interoperability and inclusiveness. 

By integrating the Digital Real with these established payment networks, the Central Bank aims to enable the widespread adoption of digital currency across various payment channels, including online and offline transactions.

This integration will make it easier for individuals and businesses to use the Digital Real for everyday purchases, thus promoting financial inclusion and expanding digital payment options for the Brazilian population.

The involvement of giants Visa and Mastercard makes the Digital Real even more important

In addition, the involvement of Visa and Mastercard adds credibility and trust to the Digital Real. As renowned global payment companies, Visa and Mastercard adhere to strict security standards and regulatory requirements. 

Their participation in the launch of Digital Real will help instill confidence in users and create a solid ecosystem for digital currency. In addition, the partnership will provide valuable insights into payment behaviors and user experiences, enabling continuous improvement and refinement of the Digital Real.

It is worth noting that the digitization of national currencies, such as the Digital Real, has the potential to revolutionize the financial landscape. Digital currencies offer benefits such as greater efficiency, lower transaction costs, and greater financial inclusion. 

By leveraging blockchain technology, the Brazilian Central Bank intends to leverage these advantages while maintaining regulatory oversight and ensuring the stability of the financial system.

As the pilot test progresses, the Brazilian Central Bank, along with Visa and Mastercard, will closely monitor performance and user feedback to refine the Digital Real and address any challenges that may arise. 

This iterative approach will refine the features and functionality of the digital currency, ensuring a seamless transition to a fully operational and widely accepted digital currency.

AIDOGE unveils price details of the NFT collection Truth AIDOGE: Will the price rise more than Stellar and Hedera?

ArbDoge.AI, a leading player in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), recently unveiled price details of its highly anticipated Truth AIDOGE NFT Collection. 

This collection consists of 10,000 unique generative artistic profile images (GFPs) powered by artificial intelligence (AI). With this announcement, ArbDoge.AI aims to provide transparency and engage the community in this exciting initiative.

The Truth AIDOGE NFT collection is an innovative and visually appealing series of AI-generated PFPs. Each artwork in the collection possesses distinct characteristics, making it a truly unique digital asset. 

The generative nature of these NFTs means that no two profile images are the same, which enhances their exclusivity and attractiveness to collectors and enthusiasts.

One of the main features of the Truth AIDOGE NFT collection is the distribution of royalties

ArbDoge.AI has committed to allocating 50% of the royalties from the AIDOGE NFT collections directly to the owners through a staking mechanism. 

This means that those who own and hold these NFTs have the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue generated from the collection. 

This unique approach aligns the interests of the project and the community, providing an incentive for participation and long-term engagement.

Pricing for the Truth AIDOGE NFT collection has been carefully defined to ensure affordability and equity. 

Each NFT will be available at a fixed price, giving interested individuals an equal opportunity to participate in the collection. This approach aims to avoid exclusivity and encourage broader adoption and participation in the vibrant NFT ecosystem.

The decision by ArbDoge.AI to distribute royalties to NFT holders through staking adds another layer of utility and potential financial benefit to the collection.

By staking their AIDOGE NFTs, holders not only enjoy the satisfaction of owning a unique digital artwork, but also have the opportunity to earn passive income from the success of the collection. 

This innovative model highlights the evolving nature of NFTs and their potential to create new economic opportunities for collectors and investors.

As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, projects like the Truth AIDOGE NFT Collection demonstrate the industry’s commitment to innovation, community involvement, and rewarding participation. 

ArbDoge.AI’s transparency in sharing pricing details and allocating royalties to NFT holders sets a positive example for others in the industry. By involving the community and offering tangible incentives, the project aims to foster a sense of ownership and collaboration among NFT enthusiasts.

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