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An Orb: the new crypto project co-founded by the creator of ChatGPT

It is called An Orb, a Token and Money for Everyone and is the boldest new crypto co-founded project by Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT. 

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Crypto news: new venture for the creator of ChatGPT

Lately, we are seeing that several Web3 projects are working to develop a better cryptocurrency. 

Specifically, some are focusing on the concept of autonomous and sovereign identity, while others are tackling the problem of distinguishing between reality and fakes generated by artificial intelligence. 

There are also those who are building systems to improve governance and those who are trying to enhance AI development through the principle of decentralization

In addition, there are those who are working to reduce global inequalities. In this complicated context, it is Worldcoin that aims to achieve all of the above goals. 

Indeed, its purpose is simple and modest: to create a system that will eventually allocate tokens for free to all eight billion individuals on the planet, providing them with a universal basic income (UBI). 

However, due to the advancement of artificial intelligence, it will become difficult to distinguish between humans and digital fakes. 

Therefore, San Francisco-based Worldcoin is working to develop a system that allows all people to prove their humanity, regardless of their geographical location.

Precisely to achieve this goal, a physical device called “The Orb” has been devised that can scan the eyeball. 

The ultimate goal is to scan all the eyeballs of every individual on Earth. Hence, if all goes according to plan, access to open source and decentralized financial tools will be within everyone’s reach.

Some thoughts on the subject of AGI 

Recall that Woldcoin was co-founded by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT), who is a major player in the development of Artificial Intelligence. 

In particular, Altman believes that the world will change irreversibly when AI reaches the level of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), effectively surpassing human capabilities.

Hence, it is possible that this future world will turn into a frightening dystopia that threatens the very existence of the human species, similar to Skynet. 

However, it is equally plausible that AGI will lead to significant advances in productivity, bringing global financial benefits. 

Indeed, we see that recently Marc Andreessen in an essay on artificial intelligence pointed out the following:

 “Productivity growth throughout the economy will accelerate dramatically, driving economic growth, creation of new industries, creation of new jobs, and wage growth, and resulting in a new era of heightened material prosperity across the planet.”

Hence, the prospects before us are different. On the one hand, we see that if Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) takes control of all work activities, it may be that we humans could enjoy a life of leisure. 

On the other hand, if AGI actually succeeded in benefiting society significantly, the question arises as to how to distribute its benefits equally to the masses.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that during the first year of Worldcoin’s existence, Blania and his team focused on research and building prototypes. 

In 2021, they announced the device called “The Orb” and subsequently implemented it in the field. Currently, the project claims to have 1.8 million registrations, with the ultimate goal of reaching 8 billion.

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