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Ripple (XRP) Could Hit $10 in a Month; Avalanche (AVAX) & InQubeta (QUBE) Set Ambitious Targets


Ripple (XRP), InQubeta (QUBE), and Avalanche (AVAX) have emerged as the best cryptos to buy now. XRP prices have skyrocketed in the past month, growing by over 30%, while AVAX tokens have surged 34%. QUBE prices have grown 130% since its presale’s beta stage and it’s set for 90% more growth before tokens are released on exchanges. 

InQubeta aims to make it easier than it has ever been to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) by providing an alternative to conventional investment avenues. It creates a secure and transparent investment system using its Ethereum-based blockchain, ERC20 coins, and fractionalization. 

Best cryptos to buy now: InQubeta (QUBE) raises $4.7 million 

The success of the InQubeta project’s presale is in line with how much interest other companies that help advance AI have experienced in recent years. AI investments have surged 12x since 2015 and more than $120 billion is currently devoted to the technology. That’s nothing compared to the $1.5 trillion expected to be directed into AI by 2030.

Artificial intelligence’s viability has risen exponentially in the last decade, and it’s now clear it will be the next major tech revolution. AI’s role in our lives will increase exponentially in the coming years as companies like Amazon test humanoid robots while driverless taxis earn their owner’s profits in the San Francisco area. 

AI will create many opportunities for investors to earn impressive returns and backing the technology will also provide some insurance against it. AI is on course to reshape the world and many jobs will be lost to automation while it creates new investment opportunities. 

An easy way to partner up with AI startups

InQubeta’s investment protocol provides a win-win situation for AI startups fundraising and investors looking for accessible opportunities. AI firms secure the capital they need by minting investment opportunities into ERC20 coins that are sold on the NFT marketplace for QUBE. 

The Top DeFi project’s marketplace is also a venue for investors to gain access to all the information they need to make intelligent investment choices on the ecosystem. NFTs are transferred to investors after trades are completed and they can be resold on the marketplace at any time. 

Like stocks, the value of the NFTs sold on the InQubeta marketplace rises as the firms behind them increase their market share. Some of these tokens also give investors extra rewards like exclusive access to new products. Investors can track how much the values of their NFTs have grown through their InQubeta accounts. 

Analysts predict Ripple (XRP) could surpass $10

XRP prices have gone as high as $0.72 during its recent run as it emerges as one of the best cryptos to buy now. That seems to be the new resistance level as prices have pulled back a bit since. Bullish momentum remains strong so prices could grow exponentially if the new resistance level is surpassed and prices move past the dollar mark. Some analysts expect XRP prices to go as high as $10 if that occurs. 

Avalanche (AVAX) prices could double before 2024

AVAX prices have grown 38% in the past month and the bulls don’t appear to be taking a break anytime soon as it passes the $13 mark and finds new support at $12. Metrics like its relative strength index at 69 and its exponential moving average at 12.35 indicate more growth will likely occur. 

With enough bullish momentum, AVAX could revisit highs set early in the year before the end of December. 


QUBE, AVAX, and XRP are three of the best cryptos to buy now as all three are set to earn investors substantial returns in the coming months. QUBE has the most remarkable growth potential with some projections expecting 100x growth once tokens launch on exchanges. 

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